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3 Sustainable Home Decor Brands To Deck Out Your Space

by Hannah Smith

It’s safe to say sustainability is a hot topic nowadays, and rightfully so. Really, we should have been discussing sustainability and our responsibility to the environment a LONG time ago, but it’s not too late to start integrating more eco-friendly practices into your home. Speaking of home, let’s start there! Keep reading for a few of our favorite sustainable home decor brands and what makes them so great.

Sabai Design

Sabai Design is fresh to the market, offering sustainably made couches and throw pillows made to fit perfectly in any minimal, millennial apartment. The brand exclusively uses fabrics made from natural fibers, recycled water bottles, FSC certified wood, and centriPUR foam, to name a few, to ensure that they’re creating as little “new” waste as possible. Not only that, but the packaging also aims to be as eco-friendly as possible, using 100% recycled boxes, minimal plastic only where it’s needed, and the bags that carry your couch legs can double as produce bags after your couch has been fully assembled (which I also want to add takes less than 10 minutes). Impressive, right? But it doesn’t stop there… Sabai also has a “closed loop promise,” meaning if you ever decide you’re no longer in need of your couch, they will buy it back from you for 20% of your original cost and repurpose it for future couches or for additional throws. Currently, this applies only to New York residents, but I’m hopeful that as the brand grows, this promise will, too.


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Kazi’s beautiful baskets (and other vessels of storage) are all handwoven in Rwanda using a combination of sisal and sweetgrass, both of which are grown naturally in the environment and therefore take a lesser toll when harvested. Kazi also employs local artisans, and they state that each of their artisans as an average of 5.7 dependents, so when you support Kazi, you’re also supporting a total of 21,000 people. “KAZI is a member of the Fair Trade Federation. As a member of the federation, we believe in the principles that guide its overall mission and are required of each member. We take to heart the core purposes of fair trade. We care for all of the individuals we serve and work to ensure that they have an opportunity to improve their lives and the lives of their family.”


Eskayel is a New York based textile design studio that weaves fine art and top of the line craftsmanship to create everything from wallpaper to prints to carpets to seating and beyond. Eskayel uses eco-friendly methods such as water-based pigment ink, chemical-free paper, sustainably sourced materials, and regional production in an effort to keep their carbon footprint a minimal as possible. On top of that, Eskayel operates on a print-to-order model, thus preventing an overproduction of product that might ultimately result in added landfill waste.  In partnership with One Percent for the Planet, Eskayel also donates one percent of its total sales to environmental organizations, specifically: Union of Concerned Scientists, Mission Blue, 5Gyres, Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, Surfrider Foundation, Greenpeace and Vital Action Project.

Feature Image via Sabai Design

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