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5 Candles That Make Us Feel Bougie

by Sabi Datoo-Lalji

There’s nothing like coming home after a long day and slipping into relaxation mode. You take off your work clothes, open a bottle of red — or, let’s be real, a container of ice cream — and scroll on Instagram until your thumb goes numb. But if there’s one accompaniment for all things R&R that you always have to include it is a damn good candle.

Whether you’re burning your signature scent while watching TV, or trying a calming aroma for bath time, there’s something oh-so-chic, not to mention bougie, about striking that match and watching the little flame flicker while the room fills with aromas of *insert your ideal whiff here*.  Check below to see which five go-to candles that make us feel luxe and a little bit — dare we say — bougie.

LE LABO – Santal 26 Classic Candle

Photo Cred: Barneys

The name is Santal, Santal 26. If you favor more of a neutral scent, then the smell of gentle, smoky leather is for you. This candle is perfect for a dinner night in for two with white wine, jazz on in the background, and a little adult time. Plus, this classic piece is handmade and vegan, for all those eco-conscious babes.

$75, Available at Barneys

Sunday Forever – Tanlines

Photo Cred: Sunday Forever

Sunday Forever is giving us our favorite summertime scent. For all of those who live in a big city, this candle will do for now. The moment it burns, you’ll instantly feel transformed to tanning on the beach and scrunching your toes in the sand.

$46, Available at Sunday Forever

Diptyque – Rose Delight Candle

Photo Cred: Diptyque Paris

This Rose Delight candle — filled with rose petals, a dash of honey, and lemon zest — is perfect to light during a relaxing bathtub session after a long day of work with a glass of rosé in hand and a face mask on. The aroma will instantly refresh your space thanks to its floral scent. The pretty pattern inspired by Middle Eastern art is a plus, too.

$68, Available at Diptyque Paris

Soohyang – Champagne Supernova

Photo Cred: Soohyang

Don’t let the name full you, there are no champagne showers over here. But this Korean-made candle is a one-of-a-kind scent and is biodegradable with vegetable wax; it burns smooth, leaving no ash or smoke. If you want to impress your best friends with a gift, then be sure to check out their customizable label option.

$32, Available at Soohyang

Fornasetti Bacio Otto-Scented Candle

Photo Cred: Barneys

This artsy-chic candle comes in a ceramic holder with a photo of the legendary soprano singer muse, Lina Cavalieri. It smells like thyme and lavender and is a Fornasetti signature scent created by Olivier Polge, a master perfumer. It will instantly make you want to visit Italy and dress in a ball gown to the opera house, like the royal you are.

$195, Available at Barneys

Boys Smell-Kush

No need to smoke out your house with the real stuff when you can simply light a bougie candle to get the same effect. Notes of delicate florals, brushed suede, and amber accord grounds, this beeswax and coconut blend will fill up your space with intoxicating smell.

Do you have a favorite scent that makes you feel boogie AF? Tell us in the comments @thechilltimes on Instagram.

Feature image via Marleigh Culver 

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