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5 Ethical and Sustainable Brands to Watch Out For

by Reza Moreno

Sustainable brands have ethos as big as the planet, maybe even the universe. From supporting Fair Trade to naturally-made resources, they stand up for our precious earth and push for environmental efforts. With so many corporate companies exploiting people overseas just to make a profit here in the U.S or using toxic chemicals that are destroying both our bodies and lands, these brands are making a difference. So in honor of Earth Day, we’re highlighting the most sustainable and eco-friendly brands that are giving our Mother Earth a break. Get ready for a chill conscious.

Girlfriend Collective

The most transparent workout clothes in the game, Girlfriend Collective proudly stands with the environment. Their fabrics are sourced from recycled plastic bottles(PET) and everything is processed in a center owned by a respected Taiwanese family. From the thread to the dye, Girlfriend Collective is making a huge impact. Last but definitely not least, they treat their workers equally and do not exploit their workers.


Photo Cred: Shea Moisture

These unisex hair and body products have been around since 1912. From the beginning, they value their family traditions and have been using homemade ingredients ever since. SheaMoisture engages in Fair Trade and cruelty-free business practices. Did we mention they’re also the largest black-owned beauty company in the U.S? SheaMoisture is not just known for their amazing natural ingredients, but their huge philanthropic efforts in Africa, too.


Photo Cred: Tushy

Don’t be a butthead, try Tushy. If you haven’t heard about this company, they’re basically in the forefront of this industry. To minimize paper waste, they created this easy-to-use bidet to help save the planet. According to Tushy, it takes 437 billion gallons of water to press the paper down along with 253,000 tons of bleach and 15 million trees to make toilet paper. But with a bidet, it only takes one pint of water to wash your tush. And what makes their initiative even better is that with every purchase, Tushy provides a family in rural India with clean community toilets for one month.

Sustain Natural

Photo Cred: Sustain

Let’s talk about sex, baby. No really, we’re all for Sustain Natural, the first-ever sustainable and eco-friendly sex product company. Feminine-hygiene items have been neglected for way too long because they’re not regulated. However, Sustain Natural is one of the few companies that’s putting a stop to this by making vagina-friendly products that aren’t made with toxic chemicals. Honestly, we’re down for anything that makes our vaginas happy, so this is a win-win for us.


Photo Cred: Antidote

While this high-fashion sustainable company just opened its first shop in Wynwood, Miami, you can shop Antidote’s curated collections online. This Earth Day (April 22nd), Antidote is selling a tee that looks as good as it feels. With every purchase, they’re giving 10 percent of their sales to the Surfrider Foundation, which aims to protect the world’s oceans. The “I’m with Earth” tee is made out of 100 percent organic cotton and printed with water-based inks that came from sunny California. You can purchase this tee here for $58 and help save the planet looking fab AF.

Do you have any favorite sustainable or ethical brands you love? Be sure to slide into our DM’s @thechilltimes on Instagram. 

Featured Image via Antidote

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