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5 Magical Insta-Witches You Can Follow Long After Halloween is Over

by Susie Benitez

Ah yes, Halloween, the spookiest time of the year. It’s finally time for our inner witches and ghouls to have their moment in the spotlight. You can be whoever you want for a day– no strings attached. Plus, the insane amounts of fun-size candy, of course. Seriously, what’s not to love?

But if you’re as bummed as we are about the fact that Halloween is only one day of the year (shout out to the month of October for letting us get away with at least a little spooky behavior for a few weeks, though), we’ve got the perfect thing to get you through the other 364 days in the year. We’ve gathered a list of “Insta-Witches” you can follow on Instagram long after the costumes come off and the jack-o-lanterns are all packed up that deal with the mystical and the mysterious in addition to the supernatural. Each of them has their own specialty, so there’s definitely something for everyone in this magical list. Prepared to get (spiritually) spooked!

The Hood Witch

If you’ve ever stepped into the wide world that is #WitchesOfInstagram, we’re almost certain you’ve happened upon The Hood Witch. Promising (and delivering) “Everyday Magic for the modern mystic,” Bri (aka The Hood Witch herself) has been featured everywhere from i-D Magazine to Girlboss, providing a space to learn about crystals, tarot, astrology, phases of the moon, meditation, and so much more. However, the brujeria doesn’t stop online. Bri is a guest at events across the country and has an online store that sells crystals, herbs, and pins as well as a book store called “Bruja Bookshop.” We’re definitely adding “hustler” to her long list of accomplishments.

Light Witch

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Given the chance.. bloom.

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Using photography and light to harness the most beautiful yet chilling parts of the spiritual realm, Light Witch‘s Courtney Brooke is no stranger to the spooky. Her work, which focuses primarily on the feminine, showcases witchy women primarily throughout the forests of New England (which is perfect since it’s basically the most haunted part of the entire country). All of her imagery has an eerie yet ethereal feel to it, and we think that’s because, according to her website, “rather than presenting factual reality, [Brooke’s] illusions conjure the realms of our imaginations.” Did a little chill just run down your spine? Yup, same.


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Joy and pleasure is the full expression in the six of cups. Like the lotus in this card, we’ve grown into the light despite our beginnings. We’ve healed and accepted our experiences and have returned to our heart center. We have bloomed. The six of cups inspires kindness and gentleness with ourselves and others. Six of cups is picking up coffee for you and a homie. 😉 on the flip side, six of cups can feel overwhelming. Like an overflow of emotions and memories. Ride the waves, find a way to release and recalibrate. . #everydaywitchtarot . . . #witchesofinstagram #meditation #joyful #weekendvibes #brujasofinstagram #tarot #sacredwildtarot #magick #seasonofthewitch #october #mystic #witchtips #iseeyou

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Specializing in what she calls #EverydayWitchTarot, SacredWildTarot takes us deep into the mystical world of tarot cards every single day. Examining a new card (or cards) through collective readings, Veronica (who is also a Reiki master btw) walks us through the meanings, the imagery, and the significance in our every day lives. Focusing on healing and wisdom, Veronica’s uplifting and peaceful messages are sure to guide you down the correct path waaay after the 31st has come and gone.


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Claiming Divinity 〰️ we are all vessels for Divine spirit, stardust in bones, magic hearts and holy hands. Accepting Divinity as something within, not without, can take some time to integrate for it is not a concept we are taught to know. But there is nothing to know about this essence, it is simply the unknowing of all the untruths and awakening to your whole holiness… simply being you, and doing whatever inspires your heart and lights up your path. When I started Soul Tattoos that’s when it really clicked for me. Doing what I loved and sharing it with the world activated a beautiful, abundant, Divinely creative path forward. I realized how powerful it is to create space for your passions and desires, how the Divine pulses through each of us, and in turn make space for more Divinity, love, to flow. It’s so simple. Drop down into your body, soften into your heart, find your truth… there you will find your Divine power.

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Looking for something a little more spiritually permanent than just your Instagram feed? That’s where WadulisiWoman comes in. Offering what she calls “Soul Tattoo sessions” for about two years now, self-proclaimed witch, Ash, has been hand-tattooing with intention out of San Francisco for four years. When she developed her conscious soul tattoo practice in 2016, she included intuitive healing work. No tattoo is the same as they are all based on your energy, path, and healing process, right down to where it is placed on the body. Ash’s main goal is “to shift, realign, activate light codes, and empower your heart’s truth,” which we think is absolutely beautiful.


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Solar Blast! The wishing candle. A blast of positive energy and happiness, brings the user confidence and success towards all their endeavors. Harness the power of the Sun for positive and joyful developments. This is the candle we often recommend to celebrate your solar return and set goals for your own personal new year. What would you wish for with your solar blast? Tag a friend that has a birthday! . . . #enchantmentsnyc #enchantmentsny #enchantments #customcandle #glitter #carvedcandle #candlemagic #candlemagick #candle #candles #witch #witchcraft #witchery #magic #magick #love #spell #spellcandle #candlespell #spiritual #eastvillage #eastvillagenyc #sun #solar #solarblast @moving.wax #carvedbysv

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Now you know this post wouldn’t be complete without showing a little love to the local scene. Nestled on a quiet street in NYC’s East Village is Enchantments, the oldest occult store in the city. While it’s technically not a witch, for over 35 years, Enchantments has been offering books, candles, herbs, totems, incense, oils, and just about anything you can possibly think of in relation to magic, just in case you want to begin your own Wiccan journey. Our personal favorites? The custom carved candles used to manifest intentions. Trust us when we say that they’re legit. And if you’re not in NYC, no need to be spooked! Enchantments has an online store almost as robust as their IRL shop that’ll be sure to hold you over until your next visit to the city.

Happy haunting!

Feature image via Light Witch

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