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6 Products That Will Make Your Office Space Homier

by Reza Moreno

Having a cluttered desk is basically the equivalent of having a cluttered mind, right? When your to-do list is as high as the Empire State Building, your anxiety levels can skyrocket and zen vibes go out the door. For those of you who don’t work from home, I think we can all agree we wish our office spaces were a little cozier. Don’t sweat it — we understand what you need to declutter your personal space to feel a little more at ease. Scroll below to see the six home-inspired products we recommend adding to your office space to help with that peace of mind. 

Peperomia Rosso & Olmsted Planter From the Sill 

Photo Cred: The Sill

Unless you have the most beautiful view of Central or Washington Park, you need some greenery in your life to glance at every now and then. This plant from The Sill will do just the trick. It doesn’t need much light and can be perfectly placed on the corner of your desk. Every now and then, glance away from your computer screen and smell the beautiful Peperomia Rosso and take in the beautiful mixture of red and green leaves.  

Available at The Sill for $45.

Sunset Alpaca Throw

Photo Cred: CB2

Some offices are colder than Antarctica mainly because they don’t believe in heat or like when their electricity bill goes up. A nice throw blanket will do just the trick, the “earthy orange” tones and textures are also nice to put on display or throw over your chair when you leave the office. Tip: If you have back problems, you can add a pillow to help you sit upright with the blanket on your lap for more hygge vibes. 

Available at CB2 for $199.

Babe Photo Clip

Photo Cred: Urban Outfitters

Frames seem ancient to us and trust me, you don’t want that. Take this photo clip that’s cute enough to make your colleagues jealous. Ever wonder what to do with all those print-out photos you take at events? Well, this photo clip provides the perfect place to show them off. 

Available at Urban Outfitters for $10.

Rainbow Thermo Mug

Photo Cred: Urban Outfitters

The portable cup that’ll cheer you up the next time you’re having a mental breakdown at work. Go back to basics with a rainbow-painted sippy cup. It transports easily, and will put a smile on your deskmates’ face. We hope. 

Available at Urban Outfitters for $10.

Vitruvi Diffuser

Photo Cred: Vitruvi

Considering some office spaces never see the light of day or have fresh air, they sometimes can smell a bit…funny. However, this Vitruvi diffuser offers an alternative to incense or candles. Throw in an essential oil, and let it transport you to another location. For us, it’s the tropics. HBU? 

Available at Vitruvi for $119.

Featured Image via Vanessa Granda


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