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A Gym for Every Mood: Your Emotional Guide to NYC’s Trendiest Gyms

by Hannah Smith

This article was originally posted on Taste The Style.

Getting yourself to workout, let alone to go to the gym in the first place, can be a serious struggle. If you’re anything like us, you’ll just keep snoozing the alarm until it’s way too late to squeeze in a workout before heading out for the day. But while a lot of us look at the gym as a chore, working out can genuinely help relieve some of the worst emotions ever. Are you angry, irritable, sleepy, or stressed? Exercise can fix them all. According to Jess Sims, a badass trainer who kicked our butts at ShadowBox and a certified NASM CPT & ACE nutritionist, says “If you don’t love the workouts that you’re doing, you’ll get short-term results. If you fall in love with the process, you’ll stop thinking about them as something you HAVE to do, but rather as something you GET to do.”

So to help you find a gym whose regimen is right for you, we’ve rounded up seven NYC gyms that will keep you longing for your daily workout — no matter what mood you’re in.


When You Just Need to Punch Something

Photo Credit: Shadow Box

Boxing is by far one of the most aggressive workouts one can even attempt, but that makes it great at getting the anger out. Whether it’s through the high-intensity warm-ups or physically punching the bags, you’re sure to let out all of the aggression one way or another at ShadowBox,

Location: Studios in Manhattan and Brooklyn. 


When You Need to Zen Out

Photo Credit: Grant Lacorte

If you’re looking to simply zen out, then Yoga to the People is 100 percent for you. The space is incredibly relaxing in and of itself, which makes it even easier to chill TF out. Classes are donation based, making it incredibly affordable (and therefore, taking away some of the financial stress of working out in NYC). There are locations all over the city, so find your nearest studio and namaste.

Location: Studios in Manhattan and Brooklyn


When You’re Not Feeling Motivated

Photo Credit: Mama & Tata

If you’re lacking motivation with your usual workout (or life in general), then DogPound is definitely your next stop. Their trainers care about your personal success and will motivate you through literally everything. So if you’re looking to change up your routine, be sure to try out DogPound. Whether you’re looking to box, lift weights, or flip tires, this NYC fitness studio has it all.

Location: 1 Renwick St


When You’re Feeling Down

Photo Credit: Conde Nast Traveler

If you’re ever feeling down, SoulCycle, can give you the pick-me-up type of ride of your life. The instructors are always mega enthusiastic while they encourage you to ride to beat-pumping tunes that’ll leave you feeling refreshed and in a better mood. With locations all over NYC, there’s bound to be a studio near you to try out.

Location: Studios in Manhattan and Brooklyn

When You’re Anxious About Working Out

Photo Credit: Y7 Studio

If you don’t consider yourself a yogi (or you’re a newbie when it comes to fitness classes), try taking a class at Y7 studio. At Y7, you’ll take a yoga class with upbeat hip-hop music in the background, taking the mood of the class to a place yoga usually does not go. Because the music is familiar and the lights are dim, it easily transformed into a safe space to work out in, no matter how scared you are. The music makes the class a little less zen and more about the sweat, but nonetheless, you’ll leave feeling more relaxed than when you entered. 

Location: Studios in Manhattan and Brooklyn 

When You’re Looking to Shake Up Your Routine

Photo Credit: NY Mag

Barry’s Bootcamp offers a bootcamp style workout, complete with high-intensity instructors and a motivating ambiance. If you’re looking for a workout that’s REALLY going to make you work, take literally any class at Barry’s. Your legs will feel like noodles, but your mood will only get better, and it’s nothing like you’ve ever done before.

Location: Studios in Manhattan

When You’re Looking to Feel Like a Model

Photo Credit: Racked

In a way that is similar to yoga, it can be argued that SLT is just as, if not more, relaxing. While the S for Strengthening can be a pain in the ass (literally), the lengthening and toning will make you feel like you have legs a mile long. 

Location: Studios in Manhattan and Brooklyn


Feature Image via NY City Fit

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