Amanda Smith

Amanda Smith is a 26 yr old freelance writer and social media specialist with a love for coffee, dogs, poetry, plants, and living as sustainable as possible. In her free time she enjoys making content for her personal blog, As Told By Amanda and traveling to California to visit her boyfriend. Her favorite way to chill? Face Mask, Bath Bombs, and re-runs of Friends on Netflix.
Get Lost

Zero-Waste Items You Need to be Traveling With

Whether you are planning a solo backpacking trip in the wilderness, going on a family vacation, or taking a much needed tropical vacation, low waste traveling is 100% possible. You might be thinking, “Why would you need specific things to travel with?”, but there are a lot of times we don’t realize how much waste…

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Swaps You Can Make in Your Home to Be Less Wasteful

We all have heard about the Zero-Waste movement, and maybe some of you reading this have participated in making some more eco-friendly changes to your lifestyle – good for you! It can be such a confusing, overwhelming, and slightly intimidating journey to embark on. We all feel the same way, but the reality is there’s…

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Get Money

What These Female Business Owners Say About Starting Your Own

It’s no surprise that there are small businesses popping up everywhere these days, but how does one really start a business? How can you really take a hold of your passions and turn them into money? Well, I have always wondered the same thing – until now. I spoke to female three business owners I…

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Get Lost

Packing with Efficiency According to Those Who Do It Often

So you’re going on a trip and you don’t know how to pack all your Korean skincare in your suitcase and still leave room for souvenirs. Trust us, we’re right there with you. Traveling is exciting…packing is not. If you’re anything like us, you probably need a Marie Kondo type friend to come in and…

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Get Well

The Best Apps for Anxiety and Mental Health

The number of people who suffer from anxiety and mental health disorders has increased tremendously over the past few years. As a society we are working towards being more open about talking through these issues, finding ways to cope that are both healthy and fulfilling, and giving people the help they need. Although we have…

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