Annie Behrens

New York based comedian, writer and Elaine-Stritch-wannabe. Prefers eggs soft boiled.
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Pat On the Back: What Human Touch Can Do For Anxiety

Chest pains — that was this difference this time. Usually, my panic attacks happen when I’m trying to sleep or when I have the feeling of carpal tunnel in my left arm. There’s heavy breathing and room to cry. This time, however, I was leaving a Starbucks and my heart was racing and my chest…

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Get Physical

Instagram + Fitness: Who Can You Trust?

In recent weeks, there have been talks amongst fitness professionals on Instagram about the facade of expertise that’s running rampant in the amid packs of “fitness influencers.” The difference between the two is critical. Fitness professionals are educated in health and physical wellness through different certification outlets like NASM, ACE or ACSM. They also could…

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After the Assault: Learning to Love and Trust Again

Desperate is the word I use to describe how I felt about dating. I have always been a romantic and like many people do, I hoped for a ‘happily ever after’ in my life.  But after I was raped, I became desperate in another sense. I was desperate to feel love or any kind of…

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Everything You Need to Know About Sleep and Then Some

For two weeks, I was waking up at 4am every morning for work and creative purposes. My doctor made it clear that I was clinically exhausted (hello, Bragging Rights). I could barely work out, I couldn’t eat a healthy meal because my body told me it didn’t want that, and I could not have a…

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