Charlotte Farrell

Charlotte is a freelance writer and editor who loves nothing more than a piping hot matcha latte—with almond mylk, of course—and subjects like wellness, fashion, self-care, food, climate change, feminism, beauty, fitness, and travel. She graduated with honors in Communications and English Literature from the University of California, San Diego, and is now based in NYC where she enjoys reading, writing, exploring, and dreaming about gluten-free croissants.
Get Lost

10 Cities in the USA That Are Already Making Us Feel Relaxed

Life in 2018 is pretty convenient—really convenient. We’ve been blessed with Amazon Prime, ride-sharing apps, and even some apps that remind you to drink water or take a deep breath. Sites and services like Pinterest and TaskRabbit are here to make our lives easier, but no matter how many Headspace sessions or ClassPass bookings you…

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Get Well

Respect is a Two-Way Street. Ways to Encourage R-E-S-P-E-C-T in Your L-I-F-E

Respect. The word carries multiple meanings depending on who you ask. Your parents might say it means obedience. Your boss might say it means leadership. Your local police officer might say it means not flipping him/her the bird after he/she’s written you that well-deserved speeding ticket. No matter who you ask, you’ll get some variation,…

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