Cyndi Ramirez

I kind of run stuff at Chillhouse & The Chill Times. Really into puppies, massages and yoga. Always chillin'. #MYCHILLTIME
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These Tips From Cyndi Ramirez-Fulton Will Completely Upgrade Your Small Business

Hey, you. Yeah, you! Cyndi here, just crashing the Chill Times party and disrupting the usual CT dinner table topics to share some news and maybe even words of wisdom. Are you an entrepreneur in the making or someone who is looking to build up your existing business? Then you may want to keep reading…

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CH Things

SHOP CHILL Is Here and We’re Ready to Invade Your Home

Hi, Chill fam. Chiller-in-Chief Cyndi Ramirez-Fulton here. We have big news to announce today, and we think you’re going to love it. But before I spill the beans, I want to begin by sharing why we decided to take this next step and how we hope it will not only enhance┬áthe company but improve your…

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Introducing The Chill Times, Let’s Get Digital

Welcome to the WATCH section. You’re here because you care about yourself. Go, you! A little about us. Chill Times is founded by the team behind Chillhouse, a downtown escape for city dwellers seeking a more attainable path to relaxation in NYC. We opened a little store in the Lower East Side about a year…

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CH Things

Welcome to The Chill Times, Please Stay Awhile

Hi there. Cyndi here, founder of Chillhouse & EIC of The Chill Times. We’re honored you’re here…hanging…with us. You can be anywhere else in the world, but you chose to click this link and now you’re sitting there reading this from the comfort of your home, office, subway or sidewalk. That’s pretty cool of you…

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