Isabella Gomez

Editorial/Social Media Intern. Known to talk too fast at all times. Probably wearing overalls and craving arepas.
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How To Create Work Boundaries For Yourself At Home

Raise your hand if you’ve ever sent a work-related text or email at a wildly inappropriate hour—a subversive “Yes, I’m working around the clock.” It can be easy to feel like this is normal, or hell, even expected in today’s culture that glorifies being busy 24/7. But according to career coach Sara Young Wang, it…

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The OBGYN Diaries: What You Need to Know Before You Go

Here’s a conversation starter for you—when was the last time you went to the OBGYN? Some people go regularly while some have never been. My first time was last year, when I braced myself for a pap smear by cutting my own bangs beforehand and wearing a newly thrifted pair of Chuck Taylors to my…

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How LGBTQ Influencers Are Embracing Their Identities and Making Waves Online

With social media power comes great responsibility. Yes, influencers post amazing pictures, attend all kinds of events, and work with really cool brands, but at the end of the day, they’re also baring their personal lives for the world to see. And for queer-identifying influencers, there’s a whole other level of openness that comes with…

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Sex Toys That Will Help You Chill TF Out

You probably remember the Sex and the City episode about “the Rabbit,” aka the vibrator that made Charlotte cancel all her plans. Her friends eventually managed to drag her out of her apartment, but Char’s obsession is understandable — it’s not always easy to figure out which sex toys are right for you. Can you…

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About Last Night: Time to Talk About Heartbreak and Love

A wise woman once said, “Middle fingers up/ Put ’em hands high/ Wave ’em in his face/ Tell him ‘Boy, bye.” That’s exactly what we did last night for our third Time To Talk panel, this time with a focus on heartbreak and relationships (aka, the BOY BYE edition). Our Chiller-in-Chief Cyndi Ramirez-Fulton led a conversation…

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