Jessa Chargois

Type “a” gal who gets a little too excited about men’s tailored clothing. Self-identifies as the long-lost daughter of bell hooks and Carrie Bradshaw. She is one dog walk away from rescuing her own mutt, but hey, that wouldn’t be the first time. Most likely at a comedy show or trivia night, wishing the venue had a wider selection of ciders on tap.
Get Ready

The Diary of a Hairy Girl: Why We Need to Redefine What It Means to Be Beautiful

Last month, my sweet and caring boyfriend decided it would be acceptable to attempt to pull a rogue hair out of my neck, and yes, I am still thinking about this. Listen, I am all about preaching intimacy and normalizing bodily functions within relationships, but this crossed the line. He meant it as an act…

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Get Physical

Everybody Masturbates, Not Everyone Votes

Flicking the bean? Having some “alone” time? Jerkin’ it? A girls’ night in? Beating around the bush? Taking care of business? Regardless of the euphemism you prefer, the fact remains that plenty of men and women out there will greet you with stigma, misinformation, and shame for voicing your desire to double-click your own mouse….

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