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Get Ready

How to Properly Clean Your Beauty Tools

Clear, dewy, hydrated skin- it’s the holy grail of the wellness movement. We all want it, and once we have it, we want to keep it. Dare we say it’s even better than a good hair day? Yes, beauty starts from the inside out, and we have a cabinet full of magnesium and turmeric supplements…

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Get Physical

Top Notch Vaginal Care Products

Self-care and self-love are at the forefront of everyone’s mind. With an abundant assortment of cleansers, natural masks, jade rollers, oils, adaptogens, etc. it can get pretty overwhelming creating a self-care routine that ticks all the boxes to give you that well-rested-radiant-and-refreshed-what-is-her secret-glow. At The Chills Times, our focus is – well you guessed it…

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