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6 Must-Have Nail Colors You’ll Need for Fall 2018

by Susie Benitez

The most important rule for fall: an outfit isn’t complete without a seasonal mani to match. Fine, that might not be the most important rule, but it’s pretty high up there, and if there’s anyone who can confirm that, it’s the nail experts at Chillhouse. They’re always reminding us to give our nails a little extra love (self-care comes in many forms you know!), so when they announced a new nail-centric assortment, we knew it would be the real deal. Seriously, every polish in the collection is completely free of icky toxins like formaldehyde and formulated to last. If you ask us, we think they really nailed it (ha-ha!). So without further ado, we present to you SHOP CHILL’s latest collection, Fall-ish Polish.

  • The Spa Comes to Me! Nail Lacquer by NCLA

    We know, we know, green isn't exactly the most "fall" shade to start out with but hear us out. Remember all those green manis that were trending this summer: pea green and slime? (We promise it's very cool and not as terrible as we're making it sound). Well, NCLA's The Spa Comes to Me is the autumnal equivalent of that. A little less slime green and a little more pine trees. At this rate, we're riding the green nail trend all the way through Christmas. 

While a nude nail look works in any season, it’s got a special place in our fall collection—two places, actually. Nude shades are effortlessly chic and incredibly versatile while still feeling so warm and welcoming. Think about it! Nude hues go with everything we’ll be wearing this season. Your coziest cashmere sweater, your brand new knee-high leather boots, or perhaps… the hundreds of blankets we’ll be wrapped in for the rest of the year? Yeah, that sounds a bit more realistic. We’ll go with that.

This warm, hot cocoa shade of brown is the perfect addition to an autumn nail lookbook. The best part of all? It’s so easy to apply. CND’s got a two-step process, so that means no base coat necessary because the Vinylux collection is infused with Vitamin E, Keratin & Jojoba Oil to keep your nails happier and healthier for longer. So as long as this mani lasts (and it looks like it’ll be a while), get ready for some serious cocoa cravings to match this look.

Another curveball in the mix! (This collection is called fall-ish, remember?) No. 72 by côte is sure to pop in a sea of cozy browns, reds, and oranges this season. Keep things fresh with a pop of color, no? Oh, and an added bonus: this blue shade will look great on November 6th when you’re out voting in the midterm elections. We promise your nails will be as eye-catching as they are patriotic in periwinkle blue.

Last but not least, our Chillhouse nail file to keep those nails in tip-top shape when you’re out apple picking, pumpkin patching, pecan pie-ing—wait, I think I’m sensing a theme here…

If you’re interested in the whole collection, we got that covered. Why choose when you can have it all? Click here for the full fleet of polishes so you never have to worry about buying another polish until the end of the year (okay, let’s be real, maybe just ’till November).

Feature image via Chillhouse

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