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Chill Gifts: Cyndi’s Picks

by Cyndi Ramirez

Picture this. You’re home, chilling. You start plotting your holiday list — a mix of recurring characters and some A+ newbies. You’re stressing — it’s a lot to think about. Amazon is overwhelming, and Mastercard gift cards are too impersonal. Too many options = too much no.

Listen, I get it. I’m not here to convince you, rather help you navigate the chaos a bit with my two cents. I’ve learned some things about shopping in the past 33 years of life and I’m just here to let you in on the things that have caught my eye this year. Take notes, and hopefully, shop.

Happy holidays, from yours truly, the Chiller-in-Chief.


  • The Dutchess – Macaron by Great Jones

    This will be a hard one to not want to buy for yourself, but that’s the thing about good gifts. Great Jones is a new brand that you’ll be excited to tell your friends about— or gift them to.

  • Palo Santo & Chill & Wake & Bake Bundle by Chillhouse

    They’re chic and smell of all the chill things. It’s the club banger of candles this season and they’ve been created by yours truly & the CH team. Get ‘em while they last, because we’ve already sold through our first batch.  

    (Save 10% with code LETITBURN10 if you buy both)

Bonus: Listen, products are nice and all, but flowers are universal. They’re also a solid corporate gift or a gift for an aunt, mother-in-law, you name it. Good for birthdays, VDAY, sick days, and holiDAYS. Floom let’s you shop from local flower shops and have them shipped right to your door ASAP. 


  • WTHN Acupuncture

    Do you like to gift experiences? I’m keeping a close watch on WTHN, the self-proclaimed Dry Bar of acupuncture. With sleek branding and an even sleeker studio, this is a good gift for just about anyone who needs a little body lovin’.  

  • The Neat Matcha Stick Box by Cap Beauty

    Tell your dad to skip his morning coffee and opt for matcha in the month of January. It’s a subtle gift for your loved one who is dire need of health, or for your wellness-loving friend who needs all the cool new thangs.

Bonus: If it’s one thing people can’t get enough of this year, it’s CBD anything. Give that friend who’s in serious need of chill some gumdrops from Lord Jones. They’re a guaranteed hit. Visit us down at 149 Essex and pick some up.


  • Avocado Melt Sleeping Mask by Glow Recipe

    It’s an avocado mask. ‘Nuff said.

  • Moisture Riser Cream by NOTO Botanics

    Perhaps one of my favorite new(ish) skincare brands just launched this moisturizer and I’m dying to get my hands on it. NOTO is gender neutral and has some of the most creative skincare products in the game right now.

  • Rose Quartz Gua Sha by Skin Gym

    Gua Sha, Gua Sha, Gua Sha. She’s the Marcia Brady of skin tools and a hit amongst the Chillhouse team. Gift yourself one, then gift your BFF, your mom, your sister, your boss, your boyfriend, your puppy, your uncle…. You get the point.


  • Mini Shirley Bag – Clear & Lavender by STAUD

    Want to really wow that fashion friend? Get them any, and everything, STAUD. We recommend this guy.

  • Say Gah! and Chill Vinyl Tote by Chillhouse

    We’re all dying over this bag around the office and think it’s the perfect co-worker gift. Especially if your friend is a fan of LSG and Chillhouse… and we hope you truly are. 😉

Bonus: Who doesn’t love a stylish weather-resistant boot? There’s only one person to call, and that’s Dr. Marten.


  • Rejuvenating Botanical Oil for Intimate Skin by Lady Suite

    Speaking on intimates: we should all take care of those too. Gift this to that friend who sees their laser technician more than their mom. She’ll thank you endlessly.

  • Functional Fragrance by The Nue Co

    My favorites gifts are the ones you can get really excited to discuss after their unwrapping. This is one of those. This “wellness” fragrance promises to give you a feeling of chill with every sniff. I’ll be stocking up to get through the holidays myself.

  • Big Night In Collection by Chillhouse

    Now, I know this is a gift GUIDE but I recommend GUIDE-ING that special someone to gift you this collection. It’s the perfect intimate gift set for one (or two).


I may be biased, but Chillhouse is a gift card elite by now. We’ve been on NYTimes holiday gift guides and we’re a favorite for corporate gifting & experience-seekers. Get ‘em while they’re chill right here.

Feature image via Ella Xu

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