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Chillin Just Got Easier

by Hannah Smith

Two years ago, Chillhouse launched as way to make self care and self love a focal point in many people’s lives, but now, it’s being made even easier.

Introducing Club Chill…

…a whole new way to chill, tailored to your wants and needs. Club Chill introduces two membership tiers, as opposed to one overall membership, so you can choose how you want to spend your Chill Bills. What are Chill Bills, you might ask? Chill Bills are our new form of internal currency. Each membership tier comes with an allotted amount of Chill Bills, which can be redeemed on a variety of services, from a simple coat of fresh polish, to an 80 minute massage, to a Tier 3 mani, and all the way to a CBD massage infusion.

Tier one, Chill Body, comes with 10 Chill Bills to be applied to massage services, and tier two, All Access Chill, comes with 15 Chill Bills, to be applied to whatever services you like. Once you’ve used up your bills, All Access Chill members continue to enjoy the services and products with 15% off, and Chill Body members continue to enjoy with 10% off.

And that only scratches the surface. With a Chillhouse membership of either tier, you have access to exclusive, insider events, such as our Matcha Mornings and other Chillhouse events, as well as discount codes to the best brand partners in the business. Check out all of the official information on the site.

By now, you’re probably wondering,

“Wow… do I need to be a part of Club Chill?”

And the answer is yes. Here at The Chill Times, we take self care incredibly seriously, and this membership treats wellness as a top priority by making traditionally inaccessible treatments accessible, creating a strong community to lean on, and offering discounts to some of the most coveted wellness brands around.

Massage is something that is typically either too expensive, or a little sketchy, and this is exactly where the inspiration for Chillhouse came. With membership, treat yourself to a high-end massage without dipping too far into the bank. Monthly massage boasts a number of benefits, for both your mental and physical well being. The physical benefits of massage are the most well known, as it aids with reducing muscle tension, stiffness, and general pain, while increasing overall flexibility and mobility in the muscles and ligaments. It also helps the body release built up toxins occupying the body through the lymphatic system, which is why it’s important to drink a decent amount of water immediately following. Add to the list of physical benefits boosted immunity, improved posture, lower blood pressure, and improved circulation. Mental benefits of massage are also incredibly important to note, as it makes a huge dent in reducing every day stress- and isn’t that what we’re all about, here? Massages keep cortisol levels, aka the stress hormone, low, while simultaneously increasing serotonin and dopamine, aka the happy hormones, leaving you happy, healthy, and relaxed when you walk out the door.

The benefits don’t stop at massage, as your new membership gets you a discount on a variety of adaptogenic drinks, CBD elixirs, and the best body products in the game. But if you ask us, the best part is you can genuinely tailor your membership to your specific wants and needs, and seeing as wellness is not one size fits all, it’s the best investment you can make.


Feature Image via Emma Trim

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