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Hannah Bronfman’s Tips on How to Live a Balanced AF Life

by Sydney Lehmann

This article was originally posted on Taste The Style.

If you don’t know who Hannah Bronfman is, then we have the pleasure of introducing you to this kick-ass DJ, entrepreneur, and founder of HB Fit. This past week, our founder, Cyndi Ramirez-Fulton, kicked off Chillhouse’s new endeavor, Matcha Mornings. While sipping on matcha lattes with Bronfman, Cyndi asked her all the questions we always wanted to ask her about health, wellness, and balance. So grab a nearby matcha and scroll through Hannah’s tips and tricks to living a balanced, healthy life.

Photo cred: Alyssa Greenberg

Hannah Bronfman lives by her calendar…

When you’re a DJ, a newlywed, an entrepreneur, and much more, you can bet you have a lot on your plate. So Bronfman is a fan of her calendar and sticking to it. Bronfman’s motto for keeping balance in her life? “Mindfulness, patience, scheduling.”

Photo cred: Alyssa Greenberg

Hannah Bronfman is an expert multitasker…

If you follow Bronfman on social media you’re bound to see her sitting in her at-home infrared sauna, going to meetings non-stop, and hanging with her main squeeze. Her trick to accomplishing it all? By answering her emails as quickly as they arrive  — urgency is key for this wellness Boss Babe. 

Photo cred: Alyssa Greenberg

Hannah Bronfman sticks to what she knows…

As you may know, Bronfman just said “I do” to longtime beau, Brendan Fallis, and her pre-wedding prep taught her to stick to her skincare staples. She learned that before a big event (you know… like a wedding) to stay loyal to the skincare products that have been a part of her skincare lineup forever to prevent any out-of-the-blue beauty disasters (yes, she learned this the hard way).  Also, this wellness influencer drinks lots of water because Bronfman believes beauty comes from within.

Photo cred: Alyssa Greenberg

Hannah Bronfman believes in an inclusive wellness community…

A trend that Bronfman is absolutely loving right now? Inclusive wellness spaces like Chillhouse and HB Fit. Whether it’s online or in-person, inclusivity in the wellness arena is major. Coming together to be each others’ cheerleaders and friends is what makes staying healthy easier, and more enjoyable.

Photo cred: Alyssa Greenberg

Hannah Bronfman thinks health is in…

If everyone knows what’s the latest happenings in the health world, it would be Hannah Bronfman. So what’s the latest health trend she’s currently swooning over? That the idea that it’s sexy to be strong. Long gone are the days of being ashamed of your healthy, strong, beautiful body. So embrace your insecurities, your muscles, and your hard work — because you deserve to feel beautiful in your skin. 

If you want to see the full video, click the video below to see what Bronfman had to do in the beginning of her career to get noticed and where what her plans are for the future of HBFit. 


Feature image via Alyssa Greenberg

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