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How Team Chill is Spreading The Love

by Chill Times

Valentine’s Day is here! The day has a tendency to be a commercial day, full of cards, candy, and tons of meaningless promotions, but here at Chillhouse, we’re aiming to get back to the root of the holiday and spread love to all. To get in the spirit, read up on how Team Chill is showing their care and appreciation for the amazing people in our lives. Whether you celebrate with friends, a S.O., or family, Happy Valentine’s Day from us to you… and be sure to spread that love!

Cyndi Ramirez-Fulton, Chiller in Chief

I’m showing self-love, partner-love, and mom-love this VDAY season by planning a little trip with my family to upstate New York in mid-Feb. My husband’s birthday is a couple of days before Valentine’s Day so the poor dude barely gets celebrated every year because here comes the holiday of LOOOVE. I self-love often, so this year I’m spreading the love to him and to my mom who has had a stressful month so far. Her birthday is at the end of the month and I’m excited to witness her have a 5 day work week for once thanks to this little getaway.

Susie Benitez, Community Coordinator

I plan on dedicating some time to actually read the new book I picked up! Light some candles, eat some chocolate, and just relax. (Or sour candy– it all depends on what my mom sends me! Shoutout to her for supplying my candy addiction each and every holiday <3 )

Yiota Kourtesis, General Manager

I dont really believe in this holiday as I am a firm believer of celebrating your love every day. Whether in a relationship or not! However, this year, I decided to spoil my husband, because the gents need some love and attention on this holiday too! It’s not all about the ladies getting flowers and candy, so, I am making him a Reeses’ Bouquet! Best of both worlds!

Alexis Gaskin, Editorial and Social Intern

I like to consider myself a crafty person, so during this season of love, I like to make handmade cards for the loved ones and close friends. It’s a way for me to express my love for them, while also creating a keepsake to show my appreciation.

Allegra Thomas, E-Commerce Coordinator

The stars aligned this Vday to spend some time with my dear old Dad<3 He’s in town for a work trip and is taking me to breakfast. I’m also gonna spread some Galentine’s love and have a movie night with two of my best friends.

Ella Xu, Graphic Designer

I’m dating a random girl I met on Tinder and we will go out for a romantic film called “Cold War,” in Lincoln Center, and explore a new restaurant / bar. On this fun day, I decide to explore New York in a way I never have before. What matters the most to me about V Day is to fall in love with New York City. I was actually surprised that she accepted a stranger’s offer of spending February 14 together. But why not? Doesn’t sound like a bad idea, right?

Hannah Smith, Editorial Coordinator

This year, my Valentine’s Day is going to be pretty low-key. My boyfriend and I celebrate our anniversary less than a week after, so we put our main focus there. To get in the spirit, I’ll be checking in with my friends and family all day, calling to catch up and offer love to some of my family members who could really use it right now. And when I’m done spreading love to those around me, you can find me taking a nice soak, listening to music, and eating chocolates.


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