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How These Four Instagrammers Define Self-Acceptance

by Caela Collins

This article was originally posted on Taste The Style.

With lyrics like “I woke up like this” by Beyonce to Alicia Keys’ embracing her natural beauty, the call-to-action for self-love and acceptance has been blooming. In the age of social media, we are able to curate our experiences for our family, friends, co-workers, and most largely, the world. With that sense of curation comes the pressure to be appealing which can create an altered and distorted reality of beauty. Self-love comes in many forms and while it can be encouraging, each and every babe out there has to put their best foot forward.

With this in mind, we want to highlight four individuals who are killing it in the self-acceptance department and uplifting their social media audience. While it’s nice seeing and learning how to glam and care for oneself, it’s refreshing to see who’s behind it all, showing followers that being who you are and being the real you is just as amazing, lovely, worthy, and beautiful — whatever that definition may be to you. 


Ally Love

Photo Cred: Ally Love

Ally Love is founder of the Love Squad, Peloton Instructor, Brooklyn Nets Host, and an Adidas Athlete. She has recently launched an initiative through Love Squad to challenge followers to #ShowUsWhatsReal by shedding light on the realities of fitness and celebrate our imperfections because it’s what makes us unique.

1)  Something that you would tell your younger self?

Don’t be afraid of being creative. You can continue to learn new things that are outside of your comfort zones. And definitely, don’t let anyone make you feel bad about being different — be you.

2) What is your personal definition of self-love and what does it look like?

Self-love is the sheer acceptance that you can redefine your approach to life. There’s no one way to do things “right,” it’s all about figuring out ways to operate when things aren’t seamless. It’s about staying grounded, but productive, when things are all over the place. Once I can accept that I will never be perfect, then and only then can I truly be real — which is the epitome of self-love.

3) Describe your personal journey growing towards self-acceptance in the age of social media:

I used to get all caught up on what everyone else was doing, looked like, or had and compared it to what I didn’t have. After months of frustration and this love-hate relationship with the gram, I decided to use its powers for good. Instagram became my inspiration. I admire those who took the time to photograph a yoga pose, capture a sunset, show me parts of the world I haven’t been to, and let me into their favorite workout. It is valuable information on how to navigate life for the better. It’s a quick guide to many things that interest me and it has a huge source of motivation. I, just like most women, can get in a rut of not wanting to workout or work but it’s the sheer perseverance of the trailblazing women that I follow that can give me the push I actually need. So in this day and age — social media is powerful but it’s how we use the powers we possess that really determines our lot in life.  

4) What advice can you give to help others with confidence? 

Find solace in knowing that many people will admire and love you for your imperfections… because to be completely honest, everyone is imperfect, the attraction comes when we focus on being real.


Brittany Sky

Photo Cred: Brittany Sky

Brittany Sky is a DJ and a creator. As a native New Yorker and leading lady in Kendrick Lamar’s Poetic Justice ft. Drake music video; she has first-hand experience within the media industry and the pressures of pop-culture in the age of social media. By letting her creativity shine bright, she is definitely able to shed some light on self-acceptance.

1)  Something that you would tell your younger self?

If I could tell my younger self-anything I would tell myself to go at your own pace. It’s something that I learned later on in my adult life. Most people compare themselves to their peers not knowing what they might have done to get to that point. I would also remind myself that everyone’s path is different and that there’s beauty in the struggle.

2) What is your personal definition of self-love and what does it look like?

Self-love means loving yourself at your best, and at your absolute worst. It means knowing that you were designed the way you are because God created you that way. It means remembering you are human and you’re supposed to make mistakes and learn from them. It means loving yourself first before you allow yourself to be loved by any man or woman. It means accepting yourself and being comfortable in your own skin no matter what. It means a lot of other things, but I think that sums up my definition of self-love.

3) Describe your personal journey growing towards self-acceptance in the age of social media:

My personal journey growing towards self-acceptance during the digital age hasn’t been easy. Overtime, I’ve realized a lot of it is smoke and mirrors and perception. My social following could be larger if I compromised my integrity, but I try to share my reality with my followers.

4) What advice can you give to help others with confidence? 

I feel like everyone has their own insecurities, but we’re all human and that’s what I have to constantly remind myself. Even when I’m partnering with brands, I try to make sure I stay authentic to who I am and I think my followers respect that. Be yourself! There’s beauty in individuality.

Micaela Verrelien

Photo Cred: Micaela Verrelien

Micaela Verrelien is an actress and personal style blogger. With “Aspire to Inspire” in her Instagram bio, this fashion maven is sure to spread good vibes and cheer with her warming social media presence. By showcasing her carefree attitude and expressing what it truly means to be yourself boldly, Verrelien has great tips on confidence via social media.

1)  Something that you would tell your younger self?

I would tell my younger self to focus more on my dreams and put myself first. It’s easy to not believe in yourself at a young age, especially coming from a small suburban city like Brockton, Massachusetts. When you have never seen dreams become a reality, it’s hard to believe that it could happen to you. One thing I failed to realize back then is that fear is not, and never should, be an option. We must fight our fears and doubts because anything is possible.

2) What is your personal definition of self-love and what does it look like?

Self-love to me is loving the good and the bad of yourself. If you do something that you aren’t proud of, you need to take the time to reflect on it – not to sulk, but to grow. Spirituality and mental growth are two of the biggest things that I believe help with self-love. It’s important to take time out of a busy week to spend alone, and to learn about yourself. It’s a tough world, and each day you learn more and more about who you are. Knowing that you are never going to be perfect is also important. Perfection doesn’t exist and if you are in tune with your spiritually, and you have a strong head on your shoulders, it will help you deal with things that you never knew you could handle.  

3) Describe your personal journey growing towards self-acceptance in the age of social media:

I’m very happy that I’m in a place in my life where my faith is high and I am in tune with my soul. I have always been a very spiritual person but coming into this business, I knew that if I didn’t grow my faith, I wouldn’t last. Social media is an amazing platform for so many of us, and I love that many people take advantage of it. However, it can literally take away your confidence if you let it. We see so much “perfection” online and it’s hard to not want to look like what the media sees as “perfection” these days. It is also very hard to not compare yourself and your work to some else’s because it’s literally in your face. I think that giving social media a break sometimes definitely helps. We all occasionally need a cleanse, and doing so once in a while she can be very helpful. Instead of comparing yourself to anyone, use what that other person is doing as motivation and inspiration because what’s for you is for you, and you only. 

4) What advice can you give to help others with confidence? 

A quick tip that I would give to readers is to be grounded in your craft. Don’t ever take no for an answer because that one “no” can push you to the best yes of your life. Try your best to allow others on social media to be an inspiration for you, and that alone. Be around people that exude positive energy because energy is so important on how we feel about ourselves.


Clementine Desseaux

Photo Cred: Clementine Desseaux

Clementine Desseaux is The Big Head, the co-founder of All Woman Project. Clementine is a BOSS when it comes to body positivity in an age where the idealized body image is heavily exhibited on social media. She crushes that stereotype of the “perfect body” and exposes how everybody is beautiful.

1)  Something that you would tell your younger self?

Stop worrying about what others can think of you and how you are perceived. Only your self-aware opinion matters. Also, stop stressing out about your body, it will give you a good life!

2) What is your personal definition of self-love and what does it look like?

Self-love is most importantly self-acceptance first. Love comes after. It’s a journey to learn to accept and love yourself. For some women, it’s a fast one, for me it’s still a day-to-day thing.

3) Describe your personal journey growing towards self-acceptance in the age of social media:

Social media is a double-edged sword. I saw it be empowering, to some girls because it gave them access to a world they had no idea existed and in which they fit perfectly; they find comfort in it. I also saw some being consumed by it and letting the pressure of being perfect and “conforming” get the best of them. It’s really hard to be a “normal” girl in this day where everything is curated to please the eye and flatter people’s ego.  

4) What advice can you give to help others with confidence? 

Confidence is nothing you can find at Barney’s. It comes from within. It’s something that you have to cultivate and nurtured like a plant for it to grow stronger.


Feature image via All Woman Project

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