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How to Take a Vacay Every Single Day

by Hannah Smith

Traveling can be expensive, and even guides that aim to help us “travel on a budget” never seem to be budgeted enough for those on a strict budget. But in today’s day in age where work burnout is all too prominent and the practice of self-care is on the rise, taking a vacation has moved from “luxury” to more of a “luxurious necessity.” We all need a break from work and the auto-pilot we put ourselves on to burn through it all, no matter the budget. So what’s a gal to do when she’s busy putting her savings elsewhere but desperately needs a vacation? Chillhouse has got you.

Introducing the Everyday Vacay collection, the easiest way possible to escape your reality and explore the aromas of various relaxing destinations from the comfort of your home. Keep reading to pick your ideal destination.

If Deserts Are Your Thing…

Sedona Silk, inspired by the quiet peace offered by large and awe-inspiring canyons, is the new go-to for wannabe desert dwellers. Whether you’re a city person, comfortable in the suburbs, or living it up in the country, escaping to the desert is a super common #summergoal, but it’s not always attainable. With notes of Baja cactus, white musk, and jasmine, this candle will transport you directly to the desert, minus the heat, bugs, reptiles, and dust – it’s the best of both worlds.

If the Beach is Calling Your Name…

For those of you counting down the days until you can hit the beach, Isla Tropica is the scent for you. Let’s face it – even if you have access to local beaches around you (we see you, Rockaway), nothing comes close to the beauty of an exotic, tropical getaway. Blended to give off whiffs of santal, Ohau coconut, and ocean breeze, this guy will have you feigning for a margarita in no time.

If Getting Lost in a Forest is Ideal…

Nothing says summer like a good ole camping trip, but sometimes, the commitment to a tent, zero electricity, and air mattress sleeping is enough to deter you. Enter: Big Little Sur – formulated with scents of firewood, oakmoss, amber, campfire, and marshmallow, you’re going to get all the nostalgic scents without the effort.

Shop the entire collection here to start your everyday vacay now.

All Images via Camille Shaw

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