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I, and My F-size Boobs, Want a Trendy Sports Bra

by Fiona Lowenstein

I, and my F-size boobs, want a trendy sports brathe kind you can run, jump, and downward dog in, without worrying about excessive jiggle, spillage, or under-boob sweat. Those of you who also rep the big titty committee know what I’m talking about. But I don’t just want a bra that’s functional, I want a bra that takes a mean post-workout selfie, fits smoothly under my favorite workout tanks, and can hold its own if I choose to go shirtless during hot yoga.

I’m an exercise junkie with big boobs, and anyone who shares this combination of traits knows that even on your most body-positive day, it’s easy to feel resentful of your bigger chest when it gets in the way of your workout. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve had to double up on bras, or spend money getting clothes tailored just so I know I won’t spill out of my top during class. Call me crazy, but I think everyone deserves to feel secure, comfortable, and cute while working out. I set out on a quest to find a sports bra that would meet my most important criteria.

I tried five sports bras and rated them from 1-5 based on bounce, underboob sweat, spillage, price, and cuteness. Scroll down for the sports bras that can do it all!

Marie Jo Intense Underwire Action Sports Bra

This underwire action sports bra
($119) is totally unlined, but has underwire support. The bra intentionally allows for controlled bounce, which is apparently the only type of bounce you want. I took the Marie Joe bra for a run, and while I felt secure, my boobs were definitely noticeably moving up and downespecially since I was wearing a tight tank over the bra. That being said, there is absolutely no danger of spillage in this bra, and it comes in cup sizes with means you can really make sure the bra fits the contours of your body. Unfortunately, this is not a bra I would recommend wearing without a shirt over it, as the material is very thin, shows sweat, and won’t hide perky nipples.

Bounce: 3

Underboob sweat: 3 (this score would probably be lower if the bra came in lighter colors. There are definite signs of sweat, but it’s not as visible on the black material.)

Spillage: 5

Price: 1

Cuteness: 1

Average Total Score: 2.6

  Anita Maximum Support Momentum Sports Bra

The Anita bra ($74) comes in a range of sizes from 30F to 44A, which is great, because big boobs exist on all types of bodies. It’s doesn’t have an underwire, so it’s more comfortable than some of the other options for high-impact activities. That being said, I didn’t feel very secure in the bra while running, and I definitely felt the support give out quickly over time. This bra is probably the best for underboob sweatfor some reason, it just soaks it right up, but I don’t think it’s especially cute.

Bounce: 2

Underboob sweat: 5

Spillage: 5

Price: 2

Cuteness: 1

Average Total Score: 3

 Outdoor Voices Slashback Crop

One woman’s crop is another woman’s bra! This slashback bra‘s ($55) saving grace is that it is meant to cover a large portion of the torso, which means it can tackle some pretty big boobs. Plus, it is incredibly cute. I would not recommend this bra for high-impact activities (although it’s not as bad as you might expect), but it can definitely handle yoga, barre, pilates, and even the occasional cycling class.

Bounce: 4

Underboob sweat: 2 (it definitely shows underboob sweat, but if you get it in one of the tri-tone colors, the dark band underneath tends to hide it)

Spillage: 4 (not much spillage, but I did encounter some side boobage during repeated twists in yoga)

Price: 3

Cuteness: 5

Average Total Score: 3.6

  Aerie Chill High Neck Sports Bra

I love how soft and comfortable this bra ($19) is, and I am obsessed with the back detailing. I’m beginning to realize that high-neck bras, like the OV crop, are great for big boobs because they can fit a lot of boobage, and there’s a very low chance of spilling out. I definitely wouldn’t recommend this bra for high-impact activities, but it is great for yoga, pilates, etc. My only real complaint is that the bra shows a lot of underboob sweat, but it also comes in black, which probably hides that more.

Bounce: 3

Underboob sweat: 1

Spillage: 5 (no spillage at all! The arms are not as low-cut as the OV crop, so there’s no danger of unwanted side-boob)

Price: 5

Cuteness: 5

Average Total score: 3.8

Panache Ultimate High Impact Underwire Sports Bra

This is the most reliable bra ($70) for high-impact cardio activity, in my opinion. The underwire keeps you supported, the material is thick and doesn’t show sweat easily, and it comes in a ton of cup sizes. I also think this bra is pretty damn cute for an underwire sports bra. There is a range of colorsI personally favor the lavender and grey (because who doesn’t want to have a melodramatic purple sports bra?), and the straps can be adjusted to fit under a racerback tank.

Bounce: 5

Underboob sweat: 4

Spillage: 5

Price: 2

Cuteness: 5

Average Total Score: 4.2

Feature illustration by Stephanie DeAngelis

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