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In-Flight Entertainment: Sky-High Skincare to Give You First Class Skin

by Amanda Suarez

Nailing a skin-care routine tailored to your wants and needs takes time, trial, error, and patience. But try doing it at a cruising altitude of 35,000 feet — and it takes aeronautical-level effort. A moisture-free cabin can wreak havoc on any complexion but fret not, a few travel-friendly items coupled with the tips outlined below will leave your skin looking and feeling fresh, regardless of the time zone. Here’s how to get wherever you’re going while glowing—time to use those frequent flyer miles with reckless abandon!


This may seem like a no-brainer but staying hydrated is very easy to forgo when you’re racing to catch a flight on time. Keep bloat at bay and skin dewy by drinking plenty of water before, during and after you land. According to the Aerospace Medical Association, this is especially true on flights longer than four hours due to the humidity in the cabin being at a low 15-20 percent. Plus, the AMA recommends eight ounces of water each hour you’re airborne —it helps if your water bottle is cute and conscious.  

Take it a step further with a refreshing hydrating mist that adds a luminous effect. If you’re traveling for a special occasion, I have it on good authority that this face blanket mask is a well-kept secret amongst some of your favorite famous faces. 


Moving around on board is tough, especially if you’re in the dreaded middle seat. Beat the bloat with simple stimulating movements for an in-flight spa experience that increases blood flow and clears any fluid build up. Throw in the centuries-old jade roller for extra oomph. Gently work the neck and jaw in a downward motion then, move to the ears and sides of your nose. Create a light circular motion around the eye area, starting at one point of the brow and ending at the other end. Finish with the center of the forehead and temples. Repeat the movements as many times as you like.

This DIY lymphatic drainage massage not only depuffs, it de-stresses, too. Which helps when all you want to do is stress eat whatever salt bomb is within reach. Pack or pick up hydrating snack options like watermelon, strawberries, celery and baby carrots; which are over 90 percent water by weight.


Protect and prevent from the environment around you with powerful serums, like this Forever Flawless Beauty Oil or this Universal Face Oil for lightweight, all-in-one treatment. Super-potent ingredients like vitamin E, jojoba and baobab oils work together to fight free-radical damage, reinforce your skin’s barrier function, improve texture and tone and prime the face for makeup.

Pro-tip: Wipe down the arms of your seat, seatbelt, TV screen, AC vent, and seat-back tray before your flight takes off. Most of these things do not get cleaned in-between every flight, which means bacteria is brewing. When you take this premeditative measure, you’ll prevent transferring these bacterias to your skin if you just so happen to touch your face. 


Red-eye flights and in-flight naps are no match for this eye mask, best enjoyed an hour or two before landing. Dab this Nourish Under Eye Balm before your favorite concealer for just a touch of coverage. Expect a smooth landing with radiant skin and bright, shimmery eyes.

With the rest of your face primed and plumped, your lips are free to get their moisture on. Put one of these The Super Smooth Talker lip masks on to moisturize and soften. Leave it on for 10 minutes while you get a quick nap in or right around when the flight attendants pass out those funky biscotti crackers that you eat and regret immediately after. Tap in the excess serum around your lips to help prevent the skin from further losing any water.

Tuck everything away, stow your tray table and enjoy the adventure that awaits. Bon Voyage, Bitches!

Feature image via Vanessa Granda

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