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Makeup Tips to Help You Feel Fresh During Quarantine

by Sara Sylvester

While some are busy embracing the natural look, some are still applying makeup in any form to feel a sense of normalcy again. But frankly, makeup routines for staying indoors can look quite different than the ones when going outside, and we were finding ourselves a little bored with the looks we’ve been pulling together. So, we tapped Jezz Hill, a NYC based makeup artist who’s worked with the likes of Rosalia and done a handful of Met Gala looks to boot (and this is just a few of her accomplishments). Read below for some of her tips on keeping your makeup comfortable and fresh while at home.

Any skincare/makeup hybrid products you’re liking during this time?

One of my favorites is Kosas tinted face oil. It’s a light weight hydrating oil that evens and illuminates the skin. I use it every day in my skincare routine. I also love Tata Harper anti aging neuropeptide blush and highlighter. My favorite color is very flashy, I like to apply it on high points of the face for glowing and fresh looking skin. You can even apply it without any skin makeup, everyone will ask you what’s your secret for your glowing complexion.

Natural bronzers you use to give a natural glow while being indoors?

I’m a fan of liquid or cream textures because they look more natural on the skin.I really love RMS Buriti Bronzer. It gives the skin a natural glowing sun kissed look. It doesn’t look like makeup at all. I’m obsessed with Cloud Paint in color Dusk. It’s originally a blush but this color has a brownish tone that feels like a bronzer. I particularly love the liquid gel like texture, it’s super easy to apply. I like to use it on my eyes as well.

Easy eye makeup upgrades that will make us feel more put together at home?

I’ve noticed that starting the day with a good skin care routine followed by applying some concealer and blush, really makes me feel better and boosts my mood.For eyes, I really love using a cream eyeshadow that I can apply and blend with my fingertips for a soft and natural look. Or if I’m the mood for a bit more drama, I use it as eyeliner. Applying it with a thin brush. I love Ellis Faas creamy eyes. I like that they have a wide range of colors. My favorite for every day is deep warm taupe e105.

Your secret weapon to looking put together on a last minute video meeting?

Multitasking products for sure! And keep it simple. Follow these 4 steps to do your makeup in 5 minutes:

  1. Everything starts with concealer! After your skin is clean and moisturized, apply concealer only in the areas where you need more coverage. Don’t forget the under eye area, you can easily blend with your fingers.
  2. Using a multitasking stick, apply on your cheeks, eyelids, and lips. Blend it all out with your fingers. This product is a must for last minute makeup application. It’s very easy to use and it creates a beautiful monochromatic look in seconds!
    My favorite: Nars, The Multiple in color G Spot
  3. Apply brow gel for more fullness and definition: I love Milk Kush Fiber Brow Gel. Super easy and quick to apply.
  4. Mascara. My favorite: Bobbi Brown eye opening mascara.

Makeup trends to try now that you don’t have to be afraid of anyone seeing you?

I think makeup should always be fun. And we can all use some fun these days, I would say that is a great time to practice all those looks that you’ve always wanted to try and didn’t dare to wear before. From colorful eyeshadows to dramatic cat eyes and bold lips, just play!

Best brow taming products to make overgrown brows look put together?

One of my favorite hacks is using soap to shape and set the eyebrows in place in only two steps. All you need is a bar of glycerin soap, a clean spoolie brush, and setting spray.1) Wet the brush with setting spray and lightly drag it across the soap. 2) Using a thin layer of soap, brush up and backcomb and up again until you get them styled where you want them.
If you need to fill in some spots, I highly recommend Glossier Brow Flick for hairlike strokes.

Tips or hacks on cleaning your makeup tools and products?

I love using Dr Bronner pure castile liquid soap to wash my brushes. It’s very gentle with the bristles, at the same time that cleans them very well.
I also use Cinema Secrets brush cleaner. It dries super fast and cleans the brushes in a few seconds. Perfect to clean your brushes after every use.
I use isopropyl alcohol 70% (rubbing alcohol) to sanitize and clean my makeup.  I spray all my makeup after I use it with clients and let it airdry for a few minutes.

What’s one makeup trend you predict will live on post-quarantine?

I think the next big trend is all about sustainability. We’ve been seeing a continuous grow of sustainable beauty brands but I predict, and really hope, a huge influx. Because we’re all spending so much time at home, we have time and energy to rethink how to form new habits to make a meaningful difference. 

Feature Image via Glossier

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