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Follow These Body Positive Instagrammers To Boost Your Feed

by Reza Moreno

This month of May it’s all about mental health and with the 2018 theme being #fitness, we know your body needs some lovin’, too. The start of the week can really bring out your anxiety, but now with our “Mood Booster Mondays,” it’s time to sit back, relax, and get your reading on. We promise to provide all the essentials you need in life to not only mentally feel better, but physically, too. Check below for your weekly dose of Monday links. 

1. These #bodypostive Instagrammers will make your feed a whole lot better.

2. This #1 hack will help you fall asleep faster.

3. Calling all Class of 2018, here is the best entry-level jobs that are fit for you.

4. Now that the weather is warming up, these primers are your new go-to.

5. What is this anti-stress drink? We want in.

6. Now you can make wine-infused face masks.

7. New York City just got a bougie wellness mecca…and we want in.

8. The morning rituals that may help you cope with anxiety.

9. These vacation rentals are under $100…BRB going on vacay!

10. ICYMI, this was the most read article on The Chill Times this week (hint: it’s about anxiety and marriage.)

Have any mood-boosting links you want to share? DM us @thechilltimes and check back to see what we post next week.

Featured Image via Vanessa Granda

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