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Mood Booster Mondays: Glitter Masks, JLO Makeup, & Funfetti Slime

by Reza Moreno

Mondays are going to get a lot better now that the sun is finally peeping out from behind the clouds and the weather is warming up. However, that just means we’re going to be enjoying a little too many mimosas over the weekend and an even larger hangover to start our week off…sounds great, right? eh, not too much. But to help cure that booze-inducing headache, we gathered a few links to put all of us in a better mood. You’re welcome. 

1. Glitter masks are a thing and they are inspired by your favorite childhood toy.

2. Jennifer Lopez’s new makeup line is to die for, check out why here.

3. Say goodbye to millennial pink, this new color is melodramatic.

4. This “Funfetti” slime is so tantalizing, you’re going to want to eat it.

5. This shirtless celebrity montage will really brighten your day. 😉

6. This app will help pay-off your credit card debt, talk about a mood booster.

7. This new legging hybrid is making all the hype and we want in.

8. Got any travel plans happening soon? Here’s what to wear.

9. These quick work-out moves will give you an energy boost.

10. Ditching these items made this editor 100 percent happier.

Have any mood-boosting links you want to share? DM us @thechilltimes and check back to see what we post next week.

Featured Image via Stocksy

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