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Mood Booster Mondays: Slime, Kira-Kira Eyebrows, and Drake

by Reza Moreno

Mondays, amiright? It’s a day that everyone normally dreads and prefers to completely ignore. That’s why every week, we’ll be showcasing links that will give your Mondays an instant mood lift. Whether you’re commuting to work, having an off day, or simply just want to see what’s been on Team Chill’s radar, check back every Monday to get your fill. 

1. Who knew that slime could look so chic? 

2. The most aesthetically-pleasing soap has arrived.

3. A gender-neutral sex wellness company that looks good enough to have right by your bed. 

4. Frank Body’s lip scrub will give you the perfect pout. 

5. Now you can use Kira-Kira on your eyebrows with this fun, new beauty trend.

6. Here are eight beauty products that launched this week that you didn’t know you needed until now.

7. Bryan Cranston aka Walter White is all of our dads in this hilarious video.

8.  Move over coconut oil, it’s time for castor oil to shine (literally).

9. If only Nike made these “Pro-Chiller Leggings” for real though.

10. Play Drake’s new song on repeat.

11. OMG, orange snow? These beautiful photos are going to make you want to jump on a plane right now and visit Eastern Europe.

Have any mood-boosting links you want to share? DM us @thechilltimes and check back to see what we post next week.

Featured Image via Vanessa Granda

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