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SHOP CHILL Products to Help Fight the Sunday Scaries

by Maggie Suszka

Sunday scaries, AKA, the eve of the start of the work week- anxiety settling in, stress manifesting, and the weekend mistakes settling deeply into your thoughts and invading your mental clarity. Wondering how to beat the Sunday scaries and start the week on a high note? Stay up on your self TLC game and  end the weekend right with these SHOP CHILL products.

Ward Off the Bad Vibes

To start, hit hard by burning Palo Santo – in pure form. While your room will be overflowing with the warming scent of Palo Santo, it will also be cleansed of any bad vibes or negative energy all the while.

Soak in Positivity

Take some time to cleanse the weekend away and relax before the start of the week. This is an upgrade-upgrade from your usual end of the weekend regular Epsom salt bath. The unique blend of salts from both the dead and Himalayan seas will help relieve you of any stress that may be lingering. The salt soak is also scented with jasmine and geranium essential oils for an extra soothing, aromatherapy experience. Plus, the beautiful combination of ingredients will remove any toxins (goodbye dirt, grime, and Sunday scary residue).

Get Rollin’!

Amethyst is known to carry a negative charge, while toxins, free radicals, and other hazardous waste carries a positive charge. *Cue* everything acquired over the weekend and metamorphosing into your current Sunday scary state. So get rollin’ and drain  away any of that negative energy. Your face and skin will be left recharged, refreshed, and relaxed.

Get Tranquil

  • Tranquility Aromatherapy Oil

    Tranquility Aromatherapy Oil by Palermo Body
    Need This Now| $32

There is nothing like the right soothing oil. For your peak Sunday scary moments, apply this to your temples, wrists, or neck for immediate comfort and for soothing exhaustion. This unique oil blend was created to help relieve any nervous exhaustion and mental fatigue in a flash.  Once applied, breathe in deeply and feel your mind and body shift into a state of relaxation.

Hydration is Key

  • In-Depth Hydration Face Mask

    In-Depth Hydration Face Mask by Circumference
    Need This Now| $65

This is the best thing to take your dull, uneven, and potentially sad skin from the grueling weekend into hydration overload – to kick off the work week completely fresh faced. Working its magic in just one 20 minute application, this mask is a true god send. The creamy and rich texture is soothing to the skin and your face will thank you once you rinse it off. The hydration will leave you feeling rejuvenated and ready to take on the week ahead. Pro tip: Combine this with a day of re-hydrating and fueling your body with H20.

Doodle Your Day Away

Take some time to cool down and unwind before the work week by journaling, writing, reflecting or, even better, coloring. Instead of delving too deep into your own thoughts, work through your potential mind muddle with this modernist coloring book. If you’re heading into a week of crunching numbers, hitting sales numbers, writing away, designing or anything at all – let this be your outlet. So crack open some fresh crayons or fun gel pens and get coloring!

Feature Image via Emma Craft

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