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Spring Chillhouse Nails Have Bloomed— Who Dis?

by Raven Ishak

Spring has sprung here in New York City, which means we finally have a reason to go outside and give our digits a little lovin’ since they’re coming out of hibernation. But between last-season mani designs and the funky April moods that we’re all in due to mixed weather signals, it can be hard to pick exactly which kind of mani look we should get painted on our digits. Until now…

Cue in Chillhouse‘s spring SS18 lookbook. Whether you’re looking for a dotted style to match your child-like personality or wanting something a little more sultry to bring out your inner cougar, this season’s group of manis will have you (and your nail beds) covered.

Below are six new Chillhouse nail designs (in collaboration with CND, of course) that will pair perfectly with a specific mood you’re in.

Maxed Out

Nail colors: Unmasked, Jellied, & Taffy

Mood: When you’re in the need of a pick-me-up after a workweek from hell.

Why: Whether you had a project that lasted way longer than it should’ve, or your boss decided to pull an assignment after you’ve dedicated an unhealthy amount of time to it at the last-minute, this fun geometric design will make you forget all your work woes without having to deal with a next-day hangover that you’ve probably would’ve gotten if you went to happy hour with your coworkers.

Cerulean Wave

Nail Colors: Creekside & Aqua-istance

Mood: When you’re feeling anxious AF because your apartment has been infiltrated by your S.O.’s family.

Why: During those code-red moments where you feel like you’re going to pull your hair out, it might be a good idea to deck your digits with a nail design that will help bring some zen into your life.  These blue-on-blue hues and oblong-like edges are the perfect combos to give your nails (and your mood) some love.

Tulum at Dusk

Nail Colors: Jellied, Shell in the Sand, & Electric Orange

Mood: When you’re feeling like you want to bring your inner Frida Kahlo out.

Why: If you’re ever having one of those weeks where you feel like you’re the next Steve Jobs and you want to be creative enough to — oh, I dunno — dominate a whole industry with your badass ideas, you may want to dress your nails with an abstract design that will give you the creative hype you’re looking for like Tulum at Desk due to its lava-lamp-inspired shapes and bold colors.

Dotty Parton

Nail Colors: Candied & Electric Orange

Mood: When you have the personality of a sweet-and-sour Sour Patch Kids candy and you want to cause havoc while still looking sweet enough to visit grandmas.

Why: While this minimal design has a lot of personality on its own, it’s the perfect mani to rock when you’re feeling sweet and salty — just like the most badass female country singer, Dolly Parton.


Nail colors: Taffy, Candied, Shells in the Sand, and Black Pool

Mood: When you’re feeling like being called “Miss Jackson” if you’re nasty.

Why: While these nails can perfectly complement a stylish sundress or even your nine-to-five attire, this mani will elevate your NC-17-rated mood thanks to its leopard-print design. However, if you want to take things up a notch, pair the leopard print with a high-gloss red to take it from “oh, that’s spicy.” to “hot damn.


Nail Colors: Romantique, Sugar Cane & Candied

Mood: When you’re feeling adventurous but don’t have the cash to book a trip.

Why: This nail design allows you to live on the edge without having to break the bank. While this mani doesn’t require a passport, it’s a fast-and-easy way to make you feel like you’re on vacay.

Feeling any or all of these nail designs, head on over to Chillhouse’s website to book your next appointment. 

Photography via Daniela Spector

Special thanks to Sonya Belakhlef (model), Molly Romah (Nail artist), and Kesang Gurung (nail artist).

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