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Take Your Face to the Gym — Your Selfies Will Thank You

by Dina Kospetas

NYC is unmatched when it comes to fitness. It’s the City That Never Sleeps, and never stops working out. You can try pilates-on-crack at SLT, do yoga hip-hop at Y7, and or you can do a full-blown gym sesh for your face. Yeah, you heard right.

Soon, in addition to your regular exercise routine, you can sculpt and tone your way to younger-looking skin at FaceGym. After years of research and successful studio launches in the UK, FaceGym founder Inge Theron is finally bringing her workout to New York City.

But what makes this so different from other facials? Theron’s creation is a 30-minute non-invasive treatment structured just like a typical workout — starting with a warm-up and followed by cardio, strength, and cool down. Plus, this “gym” also offers skin tightening through Radio Frequency (RF) machines, laser sculpting, and take-home products, such as natural oils and serums, customized for each client. The workouts start at $70, and are recommended to do every couple of weeks for optimal results.

We spoke with Theron to get the scoop on FaceGym’s upcoming openings, what to expect, and when we can schedule our first appointment.

The Chill Times: Where did the idea for FaceGym come from? What is your vision for NYC?

Inge Theron: As the Spa Junkie writer for the [UK] Financial Times for the past nine years, I have had access to every facial, needle, peel, lift and procedure out there. It took me royally messing up my face, plus the help of a shaman in Tulum, for me to realize that there had to be a better way to keep our faces in shape. I was going to Barry’s, SoulCycle and other boutique studios weekly to work out my body — but what about the 40 muscles in my face? I took everything I had learned over the years to create a workout that tightens, tones and lifts and has continued researching new techniques and tools to give you the best workout for the forgotten 40 muscles of the face.  

I genuinely feel like I created FaceGym for busy-demanding New Yorkers. I just spent the last four years perfecting it in London to bring it to you guys — because I knew that it had to be absolutely perfect. I couldn’t bring anything but the best to the city, so I’m very excited about starting our journey in the US, and we have plans to have up to four studios open by early next year.

TCT: How will it fit into a New Yorker’s busy lifestyle?

IT: Our workouts range from 30 minutes to an hour and 15 minutes. We are all about making an impact and getting you back to your busy schedule. With no downtime required, clients can pop into the studio for a workout and head to the office or out for drinks. We have something for everyone — from the bride who is in once a week for an hour-plus appointment, to the yogi who wants the results without any devices. We designed our space to be communal so that no one feels uncomfortable or gets intimidated by the lone spa room.

TCT: Who is the FaceGym client? Is it appropriate for anyone and everyone?

IT: We have a very broad stretch of customers and see a variety of women and men of all ages. From the millennials focused on maintenance who come in for a signature workout a couple of times a month, to those in their 40s looking for skin tightening and lifting with our more advanced technologies, like our custom design RF machine to restore their glow and lift cheekbones. We really cater for a wide range of issues and approaches. On the one side, we have very holistic workouts for those who just want an amazing intuitive pair of hands healing them and sculpting them in a more gentle and natural way, all the way through to the technology junkies like me and my service which I call, “I need it all.” This is where we basically throw everything in the studio, including the kitchen sink, at your face! Our trainers work with the clients to make sure that the workout is best suited to their needs and goals — just like a personal trainer in the gym would do.

TCT: What are some results of the services, and how long does it typically take to see those results?

IT: Results are visible after the first workout! As with any workout, consistency is key. We recommend coming into the studio every 7-10 days and keeping up with at-home workouts in between.  

TCT: Will there be any unique elements offered in the NYC location vs London?

IT: Yes, I am constantly testing the latest and greatest from around the world and cannot wait to share with our customers. One thing we noticed during the 3-day press preview was that New Yorkers are obsessed with cleansing and getting rid of congestion — so this is something I am excited to tailor our offerings to. But I cannot share anything final just yet, it is all still in the works and my team is on me to keep my lips sealed until we are ready to release!

Training tips for first-timers:

  • Trainers will take off all your makeup.
  • FaceGym uses headbands to protect the hair, but it’s recommended to save your blowout appointment for after the workout.
  • It is recommended for clients to leave the serum and product on for two hours after the workout to soak into skin before applying makeup.
  • If you are having the Game Face workout, you need to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate and drink at least 8-10 glasses of water on the day and a few days after the treatment

Ready to whip your face into shape? You can visit FaceGym at Saks Beauty 2.0 opening May 22nd and on Bond Street, opening Fall 2018. Book your appointment here.

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Images via FaceGym; graphics by Madison Terry 

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