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Team Chill Tried Blue Light Glasses and We’ve Seen the Light

by Hannah Smith

Blue light. It’s a term that we’ve only recently started hearing, but almost never in a positive light. The fact of the matter is, there’s a reason people warn against avid phone, computer, tablet, and TV usage- it’s detrimental to your eyes! In partnership with EyeBuyDirect, Team Chill got to try some blue light filtering lenses for ourselves and we were blown away. Keep reading for our firsthand testimonials and there might even be a little treat…

Hannah Smith

Editorial Coordinator

As someone who gets wildly painful migraines induced by blue light but has to stare at screens all day for work, the thought of getting to try blue light glasses excited me. Could this finally be the end of my debilitating migraines? Well I’m wearing them as I write this, so you tell me.

I’ve never needed prescription lenses, though I tried to convince my parents and eye doctors alike (?) that I needed a pair – anything for the look. I never did successfully snag myself a pair of glasses I didn’t need, but these guys? Oh, I need them.

It felt weird wearing glasses, as I never had before, but in the matter of two days, I was used to it. I also got used to the sweet relief of these glasses in nearly no time at all. If I go from starting at a screen without my glasses (I’m still getting in the habit of using them 24/7!) and then put them on, I can literally feel my eyes relax and release tension- it’s almost as good as taking off a bra. There’s only been one day I forgot my glasses entirely, and by 2pm, I had a migraine. I was literally crying out for my glasses. Say what you want, but these puppies are with me for life.

Anbe Baccam

Cafe Manager

For someone that has migraines constantly like me, these new blue light glasses are a life saver. Ever since I started wearing them, I barely get any migraines, even when I stare at laptop screen all day. They are so comfortable and lightweight, and best of all, don’t make my eyes tired from a day at work, no matter how long.

Oh, and we don’t need to talk about the style of the frame- this one is so trendy right now! Considering the reasonable price point and the incredible experience I’ve had using blue light filters, I don’t think I’ll want to go with another pair after these bad boys.

Sara Sylvester

Brand Partnerships Manager

I have to be honest, I have really expensive reading glasses that I pretty much never wear. For some reason, they irritate me – they don’t fit right, they stretch out over time, and fall off of my face, all of which results in blurred vision and headaches when I remove them at the end of the day. As someone whose job requires them to be actively looking at a computer and phone screen all the time, I couldn’t seem to find a happy medium. Wear my glasses and be annoyed all day, or don’t wear them and strain my eyes over time?!

I’d heard about these trendy blue light glasses and really wanted to try them, but was hesitant because I wondered if they were actually effective. Luckily, I got to try some super cute frames from EyeBuyDirect and, TBH, fell in love instantly. The very first time I put them on, I automatically felt better than I did in my reading glasses. The fit was perfect, the lenses were so clear and almost magnified the screen, making it even easier to read.

Typically around 3pm, I have to take a break from looking at a screen (aka, put my job on hold) because my vision is so blurry that I actually can’t see what I’m typing. This time was different. I went back for them the next day, and again and found that when I didn’t wear them, I would suffer from my 3pm blurred vision attack. This process has taught me that maybe my reading glasses were causing more harm than good, and I felt way better wearing the blue light glasses versus when I didn’t. They’re REALLY cute (seriously you’ll want every pair), they’re protecting your eyes from the HEV blue light rays that we can’t avoid exposing ourselves to, AND you can enjoy vision clarity and block out potentially dangerous light, so why wouldn’t you? Needless to say, my reading glasses and blue light glasses are currently at war, so I’ll probably be ordering a pair that has my prescription and blue light lenses.

Jenny Chen

Client Relations

As a web developer, I am consistently staring at the screen for over 12 hours a day. It should go without saying that this eventually lead to a strain on my eyes, with symptoms ranging from migraines, to tired eyes, to blurry vision.

Over the years, I decided that replacing my everyday glasses with contacts might be the change I need. Initially, I thought the switch was a good idea at first, due not being a fan of the glasses look. but when I got the opportunity to test out blue eyeglasses from EyeBuyDirect, it has changed my mind. During my trial period, my eyes felt more alive than usual and in addition to that, I did not rub my eyes or forehead temple once! By wearing blue light glasses, I can literally debug my projects without a sweat!

Anothni Dippoli

Senior Brand Partnerships and Events Manager

If you know me personally, you know how much I love to wear my sunglasses pretty much all the time, but it goes a lot deeper than the privacy of being hidden behind a chic look. 

I’ve struggled with light sensitivity on my eyes for years and my idea of a solution very quickly became simply throwing on a pair of traditional sunglasses. The problem here is that sunglasses are super dark and make it much more difficult for me to see. Although I felt like the sunglasses were alleviating my symptoms of light sensitivity even while working on my computer (think: watery eyes to migraines), the solution wasn’t necessarily perfect.

Much to my pleasure, the EyeBuyDirect blue light glasses have successfully solved the problem. The clear lens lets just enough light in while blocking harmful blue light throughout the work day, making it easier for me to work (sans sunglasses!), without the negative side effects and I still look chic af. 

This post was sponsored by EyeBuyDirect. However, we believe in providing authentic opinions and thoughts about all products or services. 

Purchase blue light lenses here, UV protecting lenses here, and browse the whole site here. For an added bonus, use the code EBDCHILL25 for 25% off frames, lenses, and shipping.

Feature Image and All Photographs via Camille Shaw 

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