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The Best SPF For Each Morning Routine

by Hannah Smith

While SPF has finally become a mainstream skincare staple, we’re not quite using it correctly. To give all day protection, SPF must be reapplied every two hours without fail – something I know most of us are guilty of skipping. Oftentimes, the reason cited for forgoing SPF reapplication is that it can’t be reapplied on top of makeup, or without leaving the skin feeling sticky and oily. I’m here to say that there are no more excuses – whether you’re going barefaced or are a fan of a full face, keep reading for the best SPF to use (and re-use) throughout the day.

If You Go Full Face

When it’s over 90 out, I deeply applaud those who still walk around with a full face of makeup. Some common complaints, though, are that SPF will pill underneath makeup, or that you cannot reapply on top of makeup. Enter: SuperGoop!’s Unseen Sunscreen and Defense Refresh Setting Mist, two SPF infused products that won’t hurt your look – they’ll help. The Unseen Sunscreen is a completely invisible, silicone based SPF that doubles as makeup primer, too. In one fell swoop, you’re priming and applying SPF without having to worry about how your makeup sits on top. To top it off and refresh throughout the day, opt for the Defense Refresh Setting Mist. This setting spray is perfect to lock in your makeup look or reapply sunscreen on top of makeup without disruption.

  • Defense Refresh Setting Mist

    Defense Refresh Setting Mist by Supergoop!
    Need This Now| $28

If You Go Minimal Makeup

If minimal makeup is more your vibe, then you need products that won’t show up on the skin and work with you to create a natural look. Thankfully, Sol de Janeiro’s My Sol Stick. This nearly invisible SPF stick is perfect for getting more precise areas of the body, but I love it even more on the face. While it can be used all over, I’ve been loving using it on the high points of my face, doubling it up as a highlighter. Because it’s so lightweight and sheer, it can be reapplied throughout the day without interrupting your glow. If highlighter isn’t your thing and you’re trying to detract from any shine or sweat on your face, the SuperGoop! Mineral Invincible Setting Powder is perfect. Use to finish your makeup look or to decrease shine throughout the day, all while adding SPF 45 to your daily routine.

  • Mineral Invincible Setting Powder

    Mineral Invincible Setting Powder by Supergoop!
    Need This Now| $30

If You Go Bare Faced

If you’re like me, you rock a bare face pretty much on the daily, so the sunscreen you choose has to have the perfect finish. My oily skin has loved The Ordinary SPF with Antioxidants for nearly a year now – it’s quite thick, so a little goes a long way, but the semi-matte finish is what hooked me and my skin for so long. Though I still sporadically use it, Kopari’s Sundaze Mineral Sunscreen has taken the cake. It’s incredibly lightweight and dissolves into the skin in a matter of seconds. It doesn’t leave a matte finish, but rather it leaves my skin looking glory, hydrated, and ready for the day. And because this formulation is so lightweight and the whitecast is non-existent, it’s perfect to reapply throughout the day.

  • Mineral UV Filters with Antioxidants

    Mineral UV Filters with Antioxidants by The Ordinary
    Need This Now| $9.70

Feature Image via Eli Awada

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