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The Best Superfood Beauty Out There

by Hannah Smith

I think it goes without saying that I really enjoy consuming superfoods, and when I was looking for more ways to incorporate them into my routine, I realized I could be using beauty packed with them. On my quest to find replacements for my current routine, I stumbled across some seriously golden products that I had to share with you. Keep reading for some of the top notch superfood derived products that are sure to keep your skin glowy and healthy.

Golde Clean Greens Mask

By far one of my favorite masks at the moment, this powder mask is easy to use, customizable, and best of all, packed with nutrients. With only four ingredients of spirulina, cholera, mango juice, and marshmallow root, it leaves you skin calm and hydrated with the power of foods. I’ve yet to try the other mask from Golde, but am fairly positive it also delivers on its results.

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Frank Bod Superfood Scrub

I love a good body scrub a few times a week, and while Frank Bod has always been a top pick, their new superfood scrub takes the cake. Think of a normal sugar or coffee scrub, but pack it with a rich avocado oil and nutrient dense spirulina, and you’ve got yourself an A plus scrub. The avocado oil helps to keep the skin nourished and hydrated to reveal glowing skin post-scrub, and the spirulina helps to reduce free radical damage done on the body, which, in turn, will help keep your elastin nice and strong.

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Glow Recipe Avocado Melt Sleeping Mask

I had never used a sleeping mask prior to using this little guy, and I have no plans of ever going back. This avocado and honey based sleep treatment delivers deep hydration and seals all of your other products deep into the skin. My personal favorite part? There’s also a low level of polyhydroxy acids (PHAs), meaning its lightly exfoliating, too.

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Youth to the People Superfood Cleanser

If you’re on the market for a gentle, yet effective cleanser, look no further. Formulated with kale, spinach, and green tea, this cleanser delivers a heavy dose of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory ingredients that will help keep the skin looking healthy. Best of all, it balances the p-H on the skin and won’t strip the skin of any essential nutrients because it’s paraben, sulfate, and phthalate free!

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BioClarity Dewy Dew

Okay, so this might not be packed with a traditional superfood, but it is packed with a proprietary ingredient known as Floralux. Floralux is comprised of chlorophyll and copper, both of which are incredibly good for healthy looking skin. Copper, for one, heals wounds in the skin and kick starts collagen production, while chlorophyll helps reduce redness, calm the skin, and reduce free radical damage. This has been a staple with me all summer and I won’t stop soon!

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SweetChef Moisturizer

A year ago, I became a strictly oil gal, meaning I only hydrated by using a variety of facial oils. When the summer (and the humidity) started to kick into high gear, I decided it was time to switch to a lighter formula. Enter: SweetChef’s Superfood moisturizer. Packed with kale, beet, and ginger extract, as well as reishi mushroom, spirulina, ginseng, red algae and hyaluronic acid, this little guy packs a potent punch. It leaves your skin perfectly hydrated with little to no residue left behind, and the powerful ingredients help to fight redness, slow the aging process, clear breakouts, and leave you with a nice glow.

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Feature Image via Hannah Amini

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