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The Chillest LA Destinations for Your Next West Coast Vacay

by Hannah Smith

For anyone reading who doesn’t know, I am in fact, a Los Angeles gal. But as much as I love living in New York, Los Angeles has some of the best places to zen out, eat healthily, and give your body that movement it craves, which is honestly, the lifestyle of preference over on the West Coast. From all-vegan Mexican food to a secluded bookshop in the middle of the city, Los Angeles knows how to keep it chill, especially in comparison to the hustle and bustle of NYC (don’t worry, we still love you!).

If you’re planning on taking a trip to La Ciudad de Los Angeles any time soon, keep this guide in mind to show you how to properly take the chill pill you deserve.

Gracias Madre

Plant life 🌿💐 @ethell_

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Gracias Madre is almost every Los Angeles stereotype all tied into one spot. I mean, it’s a plant-based Mexican restaurant with herbal cocktails—it’s a match made in heaven. The food here is to die for and the Snow Cone cocktail adds an obvious dosage of chill to your meal. Whether you’re headed there for brunch, lunch, happy dinner, or even just dessert, you’ll be left satisfied and smiling.


Okay so Malibu isn’t technically Los Angeles, but it’s in the greater area and WELL worth the drive. Yeah, Venice is fun, but there’s a lot going on. If you’re looking to chill out with less of a crowd, head over to Point Dume, Zuma, or El Matador. While you’re on your way, you should also check out Malibu Farm, an adorable all-day-eatery spot on the end of the Malibu Pier. They have all-organic and locally-grown ingredients, with a wide range of food as well as fresh juices and cocktails. To top it all off, the views are beautiful and last time I was there, a pelican landed on the table next to me, so you might get a dose of nature, too.

The Last Bookstore

Best bookstore/library I’ve been to.

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In the heart of downtown Los Angeles lies this seemingly infinite bookstore, The Last Bookstore. For starters, is MASSIVE and way too easy to get lost in there. Plus, there are vendors that sell a variety of artsy things on the second floor. But the best parts are definitely the small vaults of books and the infamous book tunnel- yes, a tunnel made of books. What’s best is all the comfy couches and chairs stuck in every nook so that as many bookworms as possible can come to unwind and read.

Griffith Observatory

While finding a parking spot here might not be super chill, I promise the views are worth it. It’s one of the few places that gets me all choked up, and it has a lot to offer. During the day, you can go inside the museum and explore the exhibits for free (and even dance around the same pendulum that Emma and Ryan dance around in LaLa Land). When you’re done, you can also head on a hike or stop at the adorable Trails Cafe on your way down. Art and culture? Not a bad combo. 


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You can’t go to Los Angeles without hitting In-N-Out, but because they’re usually super crowded, I’ll give you a few tips on how to grab a burger and fries without stressing the F out. Honestly, go through the drive-through and just KNOW that it might take more than 20 minutes. Have a playlist set and let a friend tag-along with you, and before you know it, you’ll have that glorious food in your hands. If you happen to go to the Studio City or Hollywood locations, head up into the mountains to the Mulholland lookout and enjoy your fries with a view. Also, you should totally ask for Animal Style everything and a Neopolitan shake for an added dose of chill. 


The Los Angeles County Museum of Art is a great spot to head to for a relaxing day at the museum. Some exhibits are free, some you can pay for upon arrival, and there are tons of sculptures and statues surrounding the grounds so no matter your budget, there’s a lot to see. It’s a great place to kill a weekend and the volunteers will make you feel welcome and at home. You can also wander over to the La Brea tar pits, seeing as they’re simply a few blocks away and equally as cool.

Runyon Canyon

Accessible from both sides of the Hollywood Hills, this hiking destination is awesome if you’re looking for nice views of the city while getting a serious glute burn. And Runyon Canyon permits dogs both on and off the leash so you can bet your burning butt you’ll meet a ton of happy-go-lucky dogs.

*Fair warning: one aspect of the hike is EXTREMELY steep and is hard to get up or down if you have any injuries, so be wary, but it still shouldn’t stop you from enjoying one of LA’s favorite past times.


While you’re bound to pass an insane amount of yoga studios while on your Los Angeles vacay, YogAqua is one that’s worth going out of your way. Unlike any other studio, YogAqua sees “the ocean [as a] yoga mat,” which ultimately translates to doing yoga on a paddleboard in the marina. It’s not something that you can find just anywhere, so I strongly urge you give it a try! It’ll amplify your workout more than you can expect.

Pause Float Studio

“To my surprise, I floated weightlessly, buoyed by the salts. The body-temperature water relaxed my sense of touch. The lights and sounds faded. I immediately was drawn into the deepest diaphragmatic, yogic breathing. My heartbeat slowed down and I dove into the deepest trance ever. As I counteracted the effects of gravity, my muscles and connective tissues began to unwind and soften. My joints felt supported and relaxed, and my lower back began to decompress and align. An hour later, the guided meditation restarted and talked me out of my meditation. I must confess I would have stayed there much longer.” Read the full Pause review on our Facebook now! 💦 • #whyipause #floating #floatwithpause #sensorydeprivation

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I personally have been anxious to try floating ever since I learned about it, so if you get the chance, I strongly urge you to do it (and tell me about it). Pause Float Studio in Los Angeles is a place where you can let yourself seriously relax with your thoughts. For those who don’t know what floating is, imagine a personal hot tub with tons of Epson salt for a sensory deprivation experience. Living in a metropolitan city, your senses are always on, so being in complete and total darkness and silence can do wonders for the brain and body, such as help with sleep disorders, pain relief, and overall body performance.

The Now Massage

Until Chillhouse’s legendary massages are available in the City of Angeles, The NOW has your back— literally. With locations spread wide across the Los Angeles area, there’s no reason to not indulge. From foot massages to full-body massages with a variety of fun enhancements, anyone and everyone can benefit from a service at The NOW while enjoying the minimalist but incredibly chic decor.

Olympic Spa

Read on for the 2nd installment of the founder of @newworldnative @rayrayhughes ´s guide to the magical desert city of Los Angeles. #4: @olympicspala / Steaming and saunas are my number one go-to for all of life's ailments. Stressed? Sauna. Hungover? Sauna. Need some grounding? Sauna. Feeling good? Sauna! No matter where I am in the world, I manage to locate a sauna before anything else. This detoxing, meditation box is my kind of daily relaxation, and Olympic Spa is one of my favorite spots. Discover the other addresses from ou LA Lifestyle guide in our Lifestyle section. #linkinbio ⠀ 🇫🇷 Découvrez le second volet du guide de Los Angeles par @rayrayhughes la fondatrice de @newworldnative, et la magie de cette ville au coeur du désert. #4: @olympicspala / Les massages et les saunas sont mes lieux de détente privilégiés, quelque soit l'état dans lequel je me trouve. Stressée? Sauna. Gueule de bois ? Sauna. Besoin de se retrouver ? Sauna. R.A.S. ? Sauna! Peu importe l'endroit du monde où je me trouve, je m'arrange toujours pour trouver un sauna dans les environs. Cette boîte, pensée pour méditer et évacuer ses toxines, est un rituel quotidien et Olympic Spa est l'un de mes saunas préférées. Découvrez nos autres adresses du guide lifestyle LA dans notre rubrique Lifestyle. #linkinbio ⠀ ⠀ #InsideOutLosAngeles #LifestyleGuide #LosAngeles #Olympicspa #StressReduction #Regeneration #lifestyle #spa #break #sauna⠀ ⠀

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This all-natural spa nestled right in between Downtown LA, Koreatown, and Hancock Park is a must when in Los Angeles. From a jade sauna to a tea pool to a mineral sauna, this place is all about cleansing the body and the soul. What makes it even just slightly better is the fact that Olympic Spa is a womens-only spa, allowing women to leave some anxiety at the door while they check-in to a safe space.


Never have you ever seen a cemetery so crowded. Famous for being the burial place for a number of original Hollywood starlets and celebrities (as well as Dee Dee Ramone), Hollywood Forever Cemetery becomes a massive outdoor movie theater with Cinespia—there’s also an event in a Downtown theater, but I highly recommend this unique experience. Bring blankets, pillows, beer and wine of choice, and wind down while watching a classic movie with your friends or S.O.

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