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The Cutest Smoking Accessories You Ever Did See

by Hannah Smith

We’ve made a lot of progression in terms of cannabis in recent years (I mean, we did seek advice from our favorite stoners after all). Legislation has been changed in multiple states, the difference between THC and CBD seems to be common knowledge now, and it’s even on its way to being decriminalized so as to prevent people of color being wrongly arrested for it. On top of all of that, even the way we consume it has changed. Gone are the days of cringy gravity bongs and brown paper bags for storage—we’re grown-ass people, so it’s time to start smoking like someone who has their life together. To help you get started, we’ve compiled a list of some of the cutest smoking accessories that stoners and design connoisseurs alike can agree are must-haves.

Allume x Wandering Bud One-Hitter

If you’re new to smoking or purely smoke in smaller quantities, you might want to look into a one-hitter, aka a pipe with only enough room for about one hit’s worth of herb like this one from Allume. Although feelings on one-hitters tend to differ, a piece this cute is worth the purchase, especially when its decorated with 22k gold luster and made with non-toxic porclein clay.

Sweetflag Opal Smudging Dish

Although this is intended to smudge the incense you’re burning to cover up that potent smell, this beautiful little dish can also double as an ashtray while giving you serious summer vibes. Whether you’re putting out incense, palo santo, sage, or some bud, this smudging dish is hands down one of the most incognito smoking pieces to date.

LevelUp Ceramics Bean Pipe

Super small and compact, this little bean comes in a variety of fun colors and is sure to be the envy of all of your friends’ pipes. The not-so-common shape makes the piece a true standout from its competitors and the speckled design is also a unique addition to the pipe.

YewYew Pipes

We’ve been eyeing these pipes for a little too long now, but can we be blamed for not being able to choose a color or shape? They’re all to die for! YewYew pipes come in a variety of geometric shapes and colors, from white to pink to green to peach. You’re bound to find a piece that fits your personal style.

Land Yatch Terra Cotta Bong

This terracotta bong will give more bang for your buck because of its roomy smoke chambers. This company only uses the lead-free, food-safe glazes, too. Plus, when mom and dad are coming to see your apartment, all you have to do is turn it around for them to think you have incredible taste in vases because this bong is so beautiful.

Laundry Day Tanjun Pipe

Though the bowl is a bit shallow, who can resist such a nice, geometric pipe? The design is too chic to pass up and has an unglazed finish that gives it texture and edge. And while maintaining serious simplicity, it’s still an incredibly intriguing piece.

Beton Brut Container

Rather than keeping your bud in the ugly little plastic container you got it in, keep it in this incredibly chic, but simple cast-concrete from Beton Brut. It’s super discrete, almost passing as a high-end salt jar, so your secret is safe from any unexpected visitors.

Concrete Cat Incense + Ash

To keep your incense ash from falling everywhere, this little 2-in-1 from Concrete Cat is an ashtray with a nook to burn your incense and smoke at the same time. Because it’s handmade, each order comes in a variety of beautiful marbled colors so its bound to fit in wherever it finds a home.

Sweetflag Intention Papers by Bullhorn Press

Rolling papers that tell you to chill out? Yes, yes, yes. They’re a step-up from plain ole rolling papers and are able to be a conversation starter on the street. The link is non-toxic and each package includes four different messages of intention.

Balance Pipe by Tetra

This little pipe from Tetra is very on brand with its millennial pink color and intense gloss. Keeping this piece clean is key to its aesthetic, but if you do, you’ll have an incredibly Instagramable pipe.

Feature image Vanessa Granda 

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