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Water Bottles That Will Help You Become a Sustainable Superstar

by Hannah Smith

It’s no secret that single use plastic is out and reusable bottles, straws, and snack bags are in, yet there are still an alarming number of people using plastic water bottles. To them I say: do you know that using plastic water bottles is bad for your insides too, as it releases small amounts of micro plastics into your body? As if it weren’t wreaking enough havoc on the environment, add your own body to that list. I’m by no means here to plastic shame you, but if you’re ready to take the leap and switch to a reusable bottles, shop some of my favorites below.


HydroFlask quickly became the hyped water bottle choice of the summer, but their variety makes that both understandable and possible. These stainless steel bottles come in a variety of sizes, from 12 to 64oz bottles, along with a selection of straw lids, sport cap mouths, and everything in between. With HydroFlask, you’re really able to mix and match to create a bottle that fits your needs.

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Kablo is my favorite water bottle by a long shot – It’s large enough to hold 32oz of water, sleek enough to fit in my bag for a subway ride, affordable enough for me to purchase on a whim, and minimalist enough for my personal liking. The brand is also hugely committed to sustainability, and is currently working to make the lid 100% plastic free (even though the only plastic on the lid is a small, rubber ring!). Brands who take small steps like this understand the impact they are making in the long run, and I appreciate the steps being taken here.

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I love a bottle that works for both hot and chilled drinks, and Swell hits that mark. The insulation technology keeps drinks chilled or warm for extended periods of time (we’re talking HOURS), so whether you’re going on a hike in the middle of summer or bringing a hot coffee to work, your drink guaranteed to be kept for a long time. Swell is my go-to in the winter, as it keeps my tea piping hot to touch, even after I’ve been at work for some time.

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Black + Blum

Black + Blum’s EAU GOOD travel bottle stands out for a number of reasons – if the slightly lighbulb-ish (but also ergonomic) shape isn’t enough to catch your eye, the charcoal rod in the middle will. This charcoal acts as a natural filter, not only to improve the taste of your water, but to absorb unwanted odors while simultaneously adding good minerals back into your water. The benefits are clear, and this bottle is definitely a conversation starter.

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Soma bottles are simple, sleek, affordable, and most importantly, on the smaller size – making them perfect for commuters. They’re also made with a shatter resistant glass so they can withstand anything. Some of you might know, but Soma began as a water filter company dedicated to getting clean water to all. To this day, with every purchase of an in-home water filter, Soma donates to a variety of charities looking to increase access to clean water, giving you a perfect excuse to add Soma to all aspects of your life.

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Feature Image via Kablo

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