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We Tried the Superfood Mask Drew Barrymore Has Been Raving About

by Hannah Smith

When it comes to “it” girls, the list tends to vary based on who you ask and the era. The two ladies who have transcended the always-changing list? Drew Barrymore and Cameron Diaz. This past Saturday, these two had some serious chill time with a beautiful, liquid gold mask that, as it turns out, is edible. The mask is called B.Powdered, a superfood mix of different bee products that can be taken both internally or externally, which is made off raw honey, royal jelly, propolis, and bee pollen. It promises glowing, clear and soft skin… so, of course, I had to try it.

To start, I gave my face a usual wash and then created a small mixture in a mug. I put in one tablespoon of B.Powered and a splash of water to help it mix, then I placed it all over my face. I was worried the process would be messy. (But is it really a mess if you can just eat the excess off of your hands?) I let the product sit for 15 minutes before washing it off and I was in love before it was even halfway off my face. Let me start by saying that it washes off with incredible ease and leaves no mess behind, which is always a winner in my book. As I was washing it off, I noticed my soft, supple skin. Once the mask was washed away, I continued with my normal beauty routine, but noticed my skin had this glow I’d never seen before. Throughout the day, I actually began to notice how incredibly soft my face was—chemical peels haven’t even left my face feeling this great. I even licked some off it off, which is never acceptable with any other masks—10 points to B.Powered!

I was nervous that this might make me break out, but as it turns out, raw honey helps to combat acne as well as acne scars (which I am riddled with!) because of it’s antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, in addition to being a natural humectant to help put moisture into the skin—so my mind was put at ease. The propolis (or bee glue) also fights acne-causing bacteria AND it’s a natural and extremely powerful antioxidant to help with environmental stress and the look of inflammation on the skin. The royal jelly is chock-full of fatty acids to aid in moisture, and to top it off, the bee pollen helps to tighten pores and is full of skin-moisturizing amino acids. Take one look at Drew Barrymore or even the founder of Beekeeper’s Naturals Carly Stein’s skin, and you’ll understand why B.Powered is a go-to product for naturally healthy skin.

Feature image via B.Powered

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