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WOC-Run Brands We’re Loving Right Now

by Reza Moreno

When it comes to turning a brand into a lifestyle, women of color (WOC) entrepreneurs have been on the forefront of the beauty and wellness industries by making their companies accessible for all. While most mass brands are still learning and slowly adopting inclusivity, WOC leaders are already dominating this space. So to help support more woman-led brands, we’re highlighting our faves below — because awareness is key. Without further adieu, here are the coolest women who are changing the biz. 


Photo cred: Golde

Founder Trinity Mouzon Wofford birthed her child company Golde in 2017 right over the bridge in Brooklyn. Turmeric became her main resource after she saw how it worked wonders on her Mom who was suffering from arthritis. Now, her tonic blends are replacing peoples’ coffee routine and can be found ’round the world in chic cafes everywhere. 


Photo Cred: Celsious

Celsious is bound to be your new hang out spot… that just so happens to cater to your laundry needs. Right smack in the middle of Williamsburg is this sustainable modern laundromat founded by sisters Corinna and Theresa Williams, both of whom moved from Germany to NYC five years ago. So, what makes this place better than your corner laundry joint? There’s a cafe upstairs with locally-sourced goods such as kombucha and matcha. This is the ~perfect~ spot to hang with your friends while you wash a load — or two.

Fenty Beauty

Photo Cred: Fenty Beauty

All hail Queen RiRi — you know we can’t leave Fenty Beauty off this list. This makeup brand is revolutionary and finally, WOC can wear an amazing beauty brand that works for and not against their skin. Let’s talk about that highlighter though — have you seen anything better? The answer is probably no.

Coco & Breezy Eyewear

Photo Cred: Coco & Breezy

Twin sisters Corianna and Brianna Dotson founded Coco & Breezy in 2009 when they were just 19-years-old and their designs became an instant hit amongst the fashion and entertainment insiders. From collaborating with Coachella to Ciroc, these women, who are DJs themselves, were able to find their eyewear on the faces of Quavo, Khaled, Diddy, and more.

Studio 189

Photo Cred: Studio 189

Created by Rosario Dawson and Abrima Erwiah, Studio 189 gives African and African-inspired brands a platform for their artisanal label and the support of other brands. But it’s not just a clothing label, it is so much more. Studio 189, which is headquartered in Ghana, is all for female empowerment and education. Their philanthropy goals include creating jobs and helping women with basic skill training — plus, they are all about making an impact and giving back to the community.


Photo Cred: Nyakio

This one is for all our skincare lovers, we haven’t forgotten about you. The founder Nyakio Kamoche Grieco is bringing the beauty of Africa to women around the world. Nyakio is closing the gap and bringing more diverse options to the beauty industry through products like an exfoliating face polish which is made with Kenya coffee and Chinese rice. 

Feature image via Madison Terry 

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