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10 Vegan Beauty Brands to Follow This Year

by Amanda Smith

We know you! You’re at home playing with make-up, practicing your winged liner, and double-ing up on sheet masks! Let’s take it up a notch with these 10 vegan beauty brands!

Bathing Culture

Bathing Culture is one of my favorite body brands when it comes to beauty. Their focus: sustainable bathing that connects you back to your body and culture. Having started in 2015 they are still a new company but have grown so much. I love how they have a close eye on their carbon footprint and try to use as many local ingredients as possible in their products. I recommend the Mind & Body Wash in their refillable glass pump container! 

Cote Nail Polish 

We’re all stuck at home learning how to give ourselves a semi-professional Mani/Pedi so why not save the animals and planet while doing it? Cote has some amazing shades and formulas and they are 100% toxic-free! I love their minimal design and effortless style. I really admire that they are committed to recycling all their bottles and will even give customers 10% off when they return a used nail polish bottle! Incredible.

Cocokind Skincare 

If you haven’t heard of Cocokind Skincare you’re probably not following beauty influencers on Instagram. This company has grown so much over the year and let me tell you! It’s because their products work. Not all of their items are 100% Vegan as they do have some products with beeswax, but everything else is clean, vegan, and effective! I love how fun their branding is making my skincare routine much more enjoyable. My favorites are the resurfacing sleep mask (great for after breakouts or acne scars), vitamin c serum with sea grape caviar, and their newest SPF 30! 

Drifter Organics 

Another great vegan skincare company who has taken this pandemic by storm and created the “Saftey Sheild” hand sanitizer. This product is pretty amazing as it also acts as a surface cleaner and room spray! We love three-in-one! They package all of their products in reusable/recyclable containers and keep the branding pretty simple! I love the Gold Mine Face oil for those days I need a deep moisturizer that can double as a body oil! 

Acure Beauty 

A cult classic – mainly because of its price-point and convenience. Acure beauty has a wide range of products from skincare to body care to hair care! I’ve been dying to try their shampoo and conditioner duos! I love how accessible and affordable they are as well. Making clean and vegan beauty that much more convenient. They pride themselves in being paraben, sulfate, formaldehyde, paraffin, and mineral oil-free! Oh, and of course, no animal testing allowed! 

Evxo Cosmetics 

Evxo Cosmetics is a new makeup brand to me but one I will be keeping my eye on. I love their stance on gender-free beauty products and clean beauty! Female founded, Evxo’s mission is to create safe products that provide healthy results! I especially love their Organic Liquid Mineral Foundation. The formula is unlike anything I have seen including ingredients like chamomile, thyme, and vitamin E that will still provide all-day wear! 

Noto Botanics

Another cult favorite in the clean beauty space, Noto Botanics. I won’t lie. I was first drawn to this company from the simple and visually appealing packaging but quickly fell in love when I got to test their products first hand. Made with natural and clean ingredients – they do a great job of providing high-quality formulas. I love how inclusive they are and highlight POC on their social media. My favs? Gold Glow Stick, Deep Serum, and the multi benne stain!

Plant Apothecary

It’s back to the shower we go but not without the Get It On Organic Body Wash from Plant Apothecary! 100% Certified Organic, Vegan, and safe for all skin types! Famously uses essential oils to give you a shower routine you won’t forget. If you’re not into cream or gel body washes, no worries! Try their soap bars! May I suggest the Calm Down Organic scent? It’s best for us busy-bees!

Palermo Body

More of a bath gal? We didn’t forget about you. Palermo Body is known for their Replenishing Soak Salt, perfect for those Friday nights your eating take-out in the tub watching another season of Sex in the City from your laptop! Another female-founded beauty brand making it’s way to the clean beauty space – and killing it! Do you have a gluten allergy? No worries! All of their products are gluten-free as well!

NCLA Beauty 

100% Cruelty-Free and Vegan, NCLA Beauty has made a name for themselves in the beauty space. Founded by two sisters, this female-owned company is killing it with the cutest packaging and outstanding product selection. A crowd-pleaser, the lip scrub works wonders for those with dry lips! Formulas like Matcha Tea, Almond Cookie, and Peach make beauty playful again!

These are just 10 of the amazing vegan beauty brands you need to follow this year! Let us know what your favorites are on our social media and shop some of our selects directly below.

  • Tranquility Aromatherapy Oil

    Tranquility Aromatherapy Oil by Palermo Body
    Need This Now| $32
  • Matcha Sugar Sugar Lip Scrub

    Matcha Sugar Sugar Lip Scrub by NCLA Beauty
    Need This Now| $16

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