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4 Home #selfcaresunday Rituals That Take Less Than 5 Minutes

by Lauren Grisanti

When Sunday rolls around, I use at least part of the day to recharge and unwind. The best way to do this is with self-care rituals that help my body and mind find clarity for the week ahead and as a result, I feel more confident and relaxed. Living in New York, I’ve noticed the number one thing people run up against is having more time, especially time to dedicate focusing on parts of their mind and body that need a little more love. These four #selfcaresunday rituals take less than five minutes, are easy, and affordable enough for anyone to incorporate.

  • Dry Brush

    Province Apothecary Dry Brush
    Need This Now| $52

    I was introduced to dry brushing by a teacher of mine after seeking a solution to quit a coffee addiction. “If you dry brush in the morning, you won't need to drink coffee,” she began, “after brushing your arms and legs, also brush your stomach, heart, and armpits in a circular pattern. It will help to wake your body up.” So being the ever optimist, I gave it a try. Dry brushing is also a great way to detox your body by stimulating the lymphatic system, reducing cellulite, and smoothing the overall texture of your skin. I began brushing at my feet in short-medium pressured strokes towards the heart, not forgetting about my backside. When I reached my stomach, I did get a jolt of energy to my nerves, feeling more alert and awake. You can buy a brush either with or without a handle at any health food store or apothecary. I found one for less than 10 dollars on Amazon.   

  • Scent

    Chillhouse The Wake & Bake Candle
    Need This Now| $52

    The best way to immediately clear a space and my mood is through scent. Whether I’m lighting sage in my apartment, burning a candle, adding essential oil to a diffuser, or dabbing perfume on my wrists. I love to use scents on my body that usually have tonnes of rose and sandalwood. Adding a few drops of essential oil to coconut oil, which I then use as a moisturizer for my body or leave-in conditioner in my hair is a great way to nourish my skin before heading out for the day.

  • Hair

    La Tierra Sagrada Treatment
    Need This Now| $44

    Because of its wave, every time I wet my hair I feel like it’s a mission to do what I want. I’ve tried dozens of products to keep my tresses tamed over the years. Pomade, sprays, pins and gels, I’ve done it all. It wasn’t until I found this amazing leave-in treatment from La Tierra Sagrada that I felt like the missing step to stronger more tamed hair. I usually add it to my roots before bed and then wash out in the morning. Adding this treatment to my hair once a week helps my scalp rebalance, and my curls set better. Not only does my hair benefit my giving a little scalp massage, my entire body feels relaxed coupled with its therapeutic scent.

  • Chill

    Plant Alchemy CBD Oil - 500 mg
    Need This Now| $140

    Ok, this is one I admit to doing every day, but CBD oil has been a game changer since I started taking four months ago. I really like the brand Plant Alchemy. I usually take 10mg, 1x per day in the morning right before I leave the house. It’s funny, I don’t feel any noticeable effects when I take it, but if I forget to take it I definitely feel a higher level of anxiety. Overall, I just feel more chill and level-headed.

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Feature image via Emma Craft

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