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A Case for Influence

by Hannah Smith

In the past few years, the societal importance of social media has skyrocketed, sending the world of Instagram from pictures of family and friends to a business platform, where in which creatives showcase their talents, influencers create cutting edge collaborations, and the average joe struggles to keep up. This innate feeling of “needing” to be active on social media has, inarguably, shaped our lives in ways we’ve never imagined- some for the better, and some not.

That’s why we teamed up with OtterBox to celebrate their new collection at Target, tapping two hard working, badass, entrepreneurial  women with large social followings about how they find screen time balance, how they detox when it gets to be too much, and what role their phone plays in their lives, both socially and professionally. Take a look below and keep reading for an interview with our founder to get to know Amrit and Liv, two women shaping their industries and paving the way for more to come.


How important is disconnecting to you?

“I never want to be that person who’s glued to my phone when I’m at dinner, I never wanna be that person who’s standing at a concert and watching it through the lens of my phone.  I think it’s important to have that disconnect sometimes.”

How do you choose what to post, and what to not?

“I’m a private person. From the work standpoint, social media is definitely an extension of what I do, so I share almost everything- every gig I’m at, getting ready, doing an interview. [F]rom a personal standpoint, I don’t think everyone’s entitled to know where you are all the time or who your partner is, you know? Not everybody signed up for that.”

How do you deal with people dissatisfied by your content?

“I think when you use your platform to speak about things, someone always has an opinion. I know when I post, I brace myself, but then I also think that it’s important to be honest because your platform is a privilege, so you should use it [as such].”

How much do you value the look of your case?

“The design of my case is important to my personal style because I’m always taking selfies in the mirror- you can always see the case! [Y]ou know, I think it’s a fun accessory! You’re essentially attached to your phone, so it is a part of you and you want that represent you in your case. I also have a problematic history with breaking my phone, so I’m trying to [be proactive and] really use my case.”


What apps do you check first thing in the morning?

“Every morning when I wake up, I love to check news first just because I feel like I love being up to date and know whats going on. If I check Instagram first thing in the morning, I can literally… feel my heartbeat raise and start to get more anxiety, so I’m usually a news and Twitter girl in the morning.”

How do you separate work and leisure when they both live on your phone?

“My phone is so crucial to work just because a lot of what I do is on social. Obviously, everybody is on email often, so I have it, but I can’t even think about the distinction between the two. I will say that after a certain time at night is when I’m no longer checking my email and I’m solely just using my phone for pleasure or catching up with friends… Screen Time is the bane of my existence. It’s been the most alarming wake up call of all time, [but] I try to cut myself some slack because I do know a lot of my job is on the go. The amount of hours I spend on my phone keeping up with email, in terms of keeping up with work when I’m not glued to a desk, that’s just part of my job.”

Does being on social media often increase your anxiety?

“Instagram does give me anxiety. I think it gives a level of pressure to people, especially in [my] field, that feel like that have to constantly be creating something for others to consume. It’s something… I have a hard time grappling because if I have four or five days where my head is in my laptop and I’m working, I have this person in the back of my head, being like, ‘You have to post to stay relevant,’ and I don’t ever want to be someone creating for other people”

What are your thoughts on the general anxiety that even non-influencers feel from social?

“I think there are so many people who use Instagram the wrong way where it’s just become toxic for them because they’re on it all day, every day or looking at negativity. I think if you’re able to separate it and look at it for what it is, which is a platform for you to find inspiration, then I think you are really opening up your world to so much more.”

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Director: Cyndi Ramirez-Fulton
Videographer: Colton Williams
Producer: Sara Sylvester
Production Assistant: Hannah Smith

Feature Image via Ella Xu

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