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16 Queer Texts And Memoirs Everyone Should Read

Winter is undoubtedly the best time of year to abandon the constant ding of emails, step away from the old year habits (thank you, next, 2018), and crack open a book. There are a lot of quality books on the market. But alas, in my humble opinion, nothing goes with a chunky sweater, chai latte,…

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My Best Friend and I Broke Up — These Are The 4 Strategies That Helped Me Heal

As September flipped into October and the leaves blossomed into hues of oranges, my best friend and I parted ways. No doors were slammed, no definitive fragments of finality were screamed over half-eat salads, no exaggerated hug signaled the end of our chapter as besties. But there was a moment of clarity that marked a…

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