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Boredom Busting Summer Activities

by Layla Ahmad

Ah sweet sweet summertime. Whether you’re slogging it out at an internship, on break from school, or just looking for a creative outlet to take the humdrum out of your work routine, believe it or not, there is more to life than Netflix and chill. There is no better time to pick up a new creative hobby, or brush up on an old one then during summer when the weather is hot and drinks are ice cold. Right now, there is a huge resurgence in “artisanal” hobbies – be it cooking, building, arts and crafts, or simply creating. These are the kind of activities that will let you humblebrag to people about how creatively out of the box you are, while also lowkey posting them on Instagram to let people know that you are creatively out of the box. Summer 2019 just got a whole lot craftier.

Friendship bracelets

I know what you’re thinking – really? Hold your horses because these are not your average Camp Firewood bracelets. Arm parties have been all the rage, and you can make your own soiree without breaking the bank. Heck, if you’re feeling generous you can even give your friends some bracelets – putting the “friend” back into “friendship.” With so many designs and tutorials available, you’ll be running to your local craft store all summer long.

Make your own kombucha

The mother. Scoby. What does it all mean? Find out for yourself! Summer is the time to keep hydrated, so why not sip your own kombucha? You can casually drop your healthy hobby into conversation, keep refreshed, and it’s a skill that will save you dollars and keep you from shelling out your hard earned bucks at juice bars. Sure, making your own Scoby, (the floaty bits at the bottom of the bottle), may take 1-4 weeks, and fermenting the tea can take about two weeks, but once you have your own potent concoction to sip at free will, you’ll be hooked.


Honestly there is nothing more relaxing than coloring. Whether you’ve got an “adult” coloring book on hand from a bookstore or craft store, (or a child’s version – we don’t judge), print a few sheets off the internet, or are simply going to town on a blank sheet, coloring is extremely therapeutic. You don’t need to be a budding Frieda Kahlo to grab a box of Crayola or color pencils either. Stay in the lines or set up a still life using whatever you have on hand. That empty can of La Croix, box of Kleenex, and pair of AirPods would make a great still life when paired with your mom’s dying Spider Plant. Which brings us to…

Indoor gardening

You would have to live under a rock to not know that succulents, indoor gardening, and house plants are, how do we put this… in. For those of us who simply cannot nurture something too large, i.e. a dog or even a fish, or who have a green thumb, this is the answer. Gardening is not only a boredom buster, but a surefire way to make sure your living space is never bland. Greenery is healthy to have around you, and can be large and lush, or small and adorable. Plant some veggies, become a flower fiend, say hello to aloe, or make like every other millenial and grab the first succulent you see and jam it into a cute little ceramic jar.

Make jarred preserves

Hear me out. You’re bored. You’ve got veggies in your crisper drawer and fruit that is getting soft on your counter due to the boiling summer heat. Don’t let your peaches get squashy! Run, don’t walk, to the dollar store to buy some jars. Both processes are so easy that your hardest decision will be whether to make jam or pickles (are you sweet or a tiny bit salty!?)


Knitting is relaxing, and a great hobby for overachievers as you can literally see your progress as you go along. Stereotypically thought of as something that only your grandma did, anyone can pick up two knitting needles and a ball of yarn. Crack open your laptop and hit play on an easy knitting tutorial; you’ll have a new pair of socks for winter, (if you are a slow knitter like me), or a headband you can wear while doing your makeup faster than you can say “purl stitch.” Put that Netflix watching time to good use!

Do a puzzle

If you dig hard enough, everyone has that one jigsaw puzzle that they meant to do but never got around to. Doesn’t matter if it’s a holiday puzzle or a Disney puzzle that contains 10,000 pieces. Drag it out, blow off the dust, and get those brain cells all revved up. If you can coerce a friend into helping you, it will probably be a little easier. And remember, start with the corner.

Organize your closet by color

If you are severely bored and have an eye for organization and color, organize your entire closet by color. (This will be extra easy for those who have walk-in closets or closets with a lot of hanging space.) Start with whites and neutrals and work your way through the rainbow. How will you categorize? Will jeans be separate from sweatpants? (Probably.) Queue up a great playlist, good luck, and be prepared to enjoy your handiwork for a very long time to come.

Do a crossword puzzle

Crosswords actually improve brain functionality and can help you with memory in old age, so this boredom buster is also a health buster. You could do the classic New York Times crossword, or perhaps pick a celebrity based crossword puzzle, (go ahead and pick a different category if celeb gossip isn’t your speed.) It’ll most likely take you a while and you’ll use parts of your brain that have been in hibernation for a while.

Attempt that extremely difficult makeup tutorial

Now this is the crown jewel to end boredom forever. Been coveting Nam Vo’s infamous “dewy dumpling” drenched vibe or Katie Jane Hughes’ neon cat-eye flick? There is no better way to float away from the abyss of boredom in the dead of the heat then to blast some Ariana Grande and head into your bathroom, (or wherever the biggest mirror is – all the better to magnify your glorious beauty), armed with every single cosmetic tool you own. Prop your phone up, press play on respective tutorials or simply focus on your photo examples, and get to werk. You will not stop until you are either a living, breathing, disco dumpling, or have a cat eye so sharp that you could accidentally slice someone for walking too close. If you can manage to squeeze in a quick contour lesson as well that’d be fab. Hell, you once were bored and now are glam.

Feature Image via Vanessa Granda

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