Get Ready

For Mamas Who Need to Chill

by Hannah Smith

With Mother’s Day just around the corner and both delayed shipping and closed shops, we wanted to get ahead of the curve and serve you some amazing options to show your mom or mother figure how much they mean to you. Whether they’re just a little high strung, love a decedent beauty routine, or is in need of a vacation, we’ve got you covered.

Let’s be real – as we age, our skin needs more moisture, so why not gift your mom one of the most versatile hydrating salves out there? Whether your mom is in the market for a new hand cream, a new moisturizer, a lip balm, cuticle cream, makeup remover, or anything in-between, this blend of shea butter, coconut oil, and hemp oil amongst many will fill that gap. The texture is downright luxurious and in no time, this All Purpose Salve will be one of the most used products in her routine.

Who isn’t stressed right now? It’s safe to say we all are, but I can’t help but think of the moms of the world, and their innate worry for everyone around them. That’s why this daily stress management supplement is the perfect gift for every mom out there. Made with a blend of ashwagandha, rhodiola, and tulsi (to name a few), your mom will notice reduced stress and experience more sustainable energy levels.

Before you think, “Okay, just another fragrance to push on my mom,” let me introduce you to one of the best multitasking products around. While this fragrance is arguably my personal favorite, the light scent does more than go straight to my top shelf – it quickly works to reduce stress and anxiety on the spot. Developed with a sense of connection between smell and cognitive function in mind, this blend of cilantro, palo santo, green cardamom, and iris is both unlike anything you’ve smelled before and incredibly effective to relive stress on the spot.

Okay so your mom definitely didn’t get the vacation she deserves, but you can help transport her to a chill destination nonetheless! How about this Chillhouse candle, with notes of firewood, oak moss, amber, campfire, and marshmallow to bring you to the heart of the tall forest of Big Sur in northern California. An added bonus to remind your mom: you don’t have to deal with the mosquitos while sitting inside!

When mom gets her beauty rest, make it count with this double timer. This satin eye mask is infused with charcoal, so not only will it help you sleep faster and deeper, but it helps to further depuff any bags under the eye.

My mom is a constant shower cap user, but she always mentioned how goofy she couldn’t help but feel in it. This shower cap is not only a more fashionable option as it comes in a variety of colors, but it’s incredibly well made. The nanotech fabric repels water, limiting humidity and frizz for the hair and reducing the chances of mold or mildew growth. On a personal note, I did get this for my mom and she’s been loving it (and sending me glamorous photos to boot).

Feature Image via Camilla Gutierez

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