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How to Fulfill Your Sexual Needs in Dating Apps

by Jocelyn You

Let’s talk about sex, baby. And even better- let’s talk about dating app sex and how to get the satisfaction we need and deserve from it. Hookup culture is upon us, and it’s nothing to be ashamed or scared of. But as we progress technologically as a society, we might as well have some fun with it, too. We’ve all heard stories from our friends about the great sex they had from their Tinder, Hinge, or Bumble dates, but the question of, “How do you get what you need sexually from these apps?” lingers. 

I opened up the discussion to my Instagram followers and asked how they got their sexual needs quenched by using dating apps. Surprisingly, a lot of girls came forward and openly spoke about their dating app sex experiences, and they had some pretty good reviews on dating app sex.

Be Upfront With Your Feelings

One girl met her current boyfriend on Tinder, and what was supposed to be her first time having casual sex ended becoming an ongoing relationship. When it comes to advice on how to take control of getting what you want out of dating apps, she says, “Always be straightforward and honest. Get your feelings out right away to establish whatever boundaries you might have, and you’ll both be more comfortable.” Because this was her first time hooking up with anyone, she says, “I feel like people are more upfront about what they want nowadays, so what’s stopping me from doing the same?” Preach.

Learn From Your Past, and Lay Out Your Needs

Another girl had every experience under the sun when it comes to meeting guys on dating apps. She has woken up with a cheesesteak in her arms, fully clothed, next to a guy she met on Tinder, and she’s also been on the best date of her life with another dating app hookup. In order to get what she wants out of dating apps sexually, she says, “I’ve fucked up enough to know: be transparent and up front from the jump about what you want. Being vocal about what you like and what you don’t is so important. This isn’t someone you’ve been dating and who knows you. If you want satisfaction, you need to behold and clear about what you enjoy and what’s a no-no for you.” 

Keep in Your Comfort Zone

And the last girl lost her virginity with someone who she met off of a dating app. While it was scary at first, she ended up having a lasting friendship with the guy and was able to learn from the experience. Her advice for getting good sex out of dating apps is to “never force yourself to do things you think will make you seem cool or sexy” because it’s sexier when you know your limits and likes. She enjoys the impulsivity and adrenaline rushes that come with having sex with people she just met- as long as it’s safe and consensual, of course.

It seems like the key to getting what you need sexually off of dating apps really just comes down to proper communication. Besides the usual talk about consenting to sex and seeing if you and your hookup vibe well, it’s important to get down to business and talk about what makes you feel good sexually. If you don’t ask, you will never receive.

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Feature image via Victoria Morris

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