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How To Properly Care For Those Pretty Bras

by Sabi Datoo-Lalji

Bras are special, from the support they provide to that empowering feeling they give upon putting one on. If taken care of well, bras can last a good number of years. However, with daily wear and tear, the shelf life they were once promised can be shortened drastically when thrown in the washer-dryer, especially with a dark load. There are a number of ways in which you can preserve the quality of your bras, from how to fold and store them, to washing them with the right detergent. In aid of growing-up, and being badasses in the top-drawer department, we teamed up with Celsious, a Brooklyn based, revolutionary laundromat who offer eco-friendly washing and products in a luxurious and modern environment. With advice from the experts, we can once-and-for-all, truly understand the proper care method for those pretty boob-holders.

Storing & Folding

Try and refrain from folding your bra in half; this causes the band and wire to strain over time. Instead, line them up in rows, with the cups within another to save on space and reduce fabric wear. Keeping them within drawer separators will also stop the hook from catching on those pretty, matching panties. If you’re anything like us, you can also color code them too. #ombrefordays.

“If you have space in your closet, you can also go for an in-store like display and hang your bras from hangers individually, which will give them some more air to breathe. Some boutiques might actually let you keep the hangers, so you can secure the straps snugly, exactly like they were in store.” – Corinna


The ideal way to wash your lingerie is to fill up the sink or a bucket with warm water, add some lingerie wash and soak for anywhere between 20 minutes to an hour. After which, you rinse and gently squeeze to get rid of excess water, before drip drying. Be sure to keep the bra strap fastened while washing; this will hinder them getting tangled up and causing wire damage. If hand washing isn’t your thang, we don’t blame you. 

“While hand washing is definitely always the gentlest way to go, you can opt for a delicate or wool cycle on the washer if you hand-washing is not an option. To prevent any damage, place your bras, strap-fastened, in a fine-meshed delicate bag like the Guppyfriend, which also prevents microfibers from being flushed down the drain, before tossing into the machine.” – Theresa


When packing for your vacay be sure to keep your bras compact and safe with a little bra carrier. Designed to store up to 6 bras each, a bra carrier will keep your intimates from snagging on other items and getting squashed. As far as accessories go, this by far is our favorite!  

“If you’re in a pinch, a small, clean cooler bag is a good alternative when it comes to travel storage for bras. With its light padding, it will protect your bras from getting squeezed in the luggage.” – Theresa

Don’t Wear The Same Bra Twice

We’re all guilty of wearing the same bra two days in a row but try and refrain from doing so. When you perspire it causes the elastic in the strap to soften and wear away quicker. The best solution is to rotate your bras giving your favorite style time to breath.

“Help refresh and eliminate bacteria during your rotation by spritzing a linen spray containing alcohol and an antibacterial essential oil like lavender.” – Corinna

Care After Wear

Soma is a great multi-brand lingerie destination with an e-commerce site as well as physical stores. But what we really love about them is all the empowering work they do for women all over New York. When you’re ready to update your intimates and they are gently worn, you can donate them to the Soma Bra Donation which dedicates its time to supplying bras to shelters where women are in need of basics. They’re a wonderful charity who are making women smile all over New York.

Last Strap

If you’ve exhausted your favorite bra and it’s not in any shape to be donated, a clever little trick is to cut the bra so you’re left with the attached cups. Disposing of the shoulder straps and back fastening band, you can sew your cups into strapless and halter dresses and tops saving you money on buying specific bras for various outfits, not to mention the awkward bustier-bra adjustment situation every time you move. Genius!

To help ease into this new, chill activity, we’ve rounded up our favorite bits to help you get organized.

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