Introducing The Chill Times, Let’s Get Digital

by Cyndi Ramirez

Welcome to the WATCH section. You’re here because you care about yourself. Go, you!

A little about us. Chill Times is founded by the team behind Chillhouse, a downtown escape for city dwellers seeking a more attainable path to relaxation in NYC. We opened a little store in the Lower East Side about a year ago. We’ve painted nails, massaged some bods, and hosted some dope events. There were a ton of chill lattes along the way. You can learn more about that business here

As we heard from all of our customers, we realized we didn’t want the chill to stop at our doors. The next obvious step was to take the chill digital. Something that’s open 24-7, no credit card required.

INTRODUCING: The Chill Times, a digital oasis where self-care meets self-discovery. Check out the vid. Peep our insta. Grab a glass of red & cozy up. And if you like what you see, tell a friend and stay a while.

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