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Oh Sheet: Instagram Accounts That Are Solely Dedicated to Masks

by Marti Rose Shanker

Face masks come in a variety of forms—sheets, creams, powders, gels (you get it) —and tackle every issue under the sun. From acne-prone skin, to wrinkles, to dry patches, they’re the perfect accessory for the beauty-do-it-yourself-er.

For some of us, the process of pampering their face can be too time-consuming. Who has time to do a 17-step Korean skin-care routine anyway? That’s why masking is a perfect beauty excuse to treat yo’self without adding any more pressure to your day — it’s quick, easy, and affordable with (sometimes) skin-rejuvenating results. With so many masks out there on the shelves, these ‘grams are unmasking their most coveted secrets to the best ones to buy IRL! Insta-blogger tested, Chill Times approved. 


The Instagram account, @maskepedia, will become your go-to skincare oracle. On her blog, Elaine shares guides, skin-care reviews, explanations of masking benefits, and lastly, helps find a mask best fitted for your complexion and desires. Growing up with cystic acne, it truly helped her understand the importance of masking and how it has significantly improved her skin. She said, “Masking has helped me find the balance my skin [needed] by returning moisture back into the deep dermis layers… and has helped lighten my acne scars.”

First impressions: Herbivore Botanicals LAPIS Balancing Facial Oil, #HerbivoreBotanicalsgiftedme @herbivorebotanicals _____ I was never a fan of facial oils. The ones I've tried in the past just sat on my skin so while my skin looked dewy and greasy, it actually felt tight and dry. The more I use the more fine lines started to set in. That was when I decided that facials oils are not for me. However, fast forward a couple of years later, cosmetics technology has improved by leaps and bounds. Facial oils are gaining hype again, So I decided to give it another chance. ▫️ . After 2 weeks of testing this azulene-rich, blue tansy-based facial oil, the most obvious improvement is the lack of redness in my skin in the mornings. Applying additional oil to the area where I had a ring of breakouts also sped up the healing process. ▫️ . The only issue I have with this facial oil is the scent. It's hard to describe but if I really have to, I'll say it's a sharp menthol fragrance. Aside from that, I'm impressed with this facial oil and and am glad this changed my mind about oils. I'm a happy convert! ▫️ . $72 @sephora _____ #herbivorebotanicals #OctolyFamily #abcommunity #sccfinder

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Sheet masks can do wonders for your skin by adding in highly saturated amounts of hydration, vitamins, and good-for-you ingredients. Considered to be the crown jewel in K-beauty innovations, they’ve paved their way into becoming a staple in most women’s skin-care routines. The Instagram @sheethappens is a monthly subscription site based in Sweden that features over 20 face mask brands to try. So yes, you defintely should check it out.


Meet Anna Yu: the seriously dedicated face mask reviewer who’s been posting her beauty reviews since 2015. Totaling to about 1,087 Instagram posts, it doesn’t look like she’s stopping any time soon. She highlights individual facemasks and their benefits in a super detailed Instagram post. If you were thinking of purchasing a mask, you may want to check out her account to get a true-and-honest review.

Alchemy of U What is it? @solarislabny describes this as a crystal grid chakra set for energy balancing and skin rejuvenating. It comes with 2 info cards for Glow and Detox crystal configurations. Shown here is the Glow configuration! The set comes with 6 crystals like Amethyst and Pink Quartz and the guide makes it easy to identify which one is which for easy placement. How to use: the Glow or Detox guides tell you which crystals to use and where. I was able to place almost everything on my face by lying down and grabbing at random crystals on my stomach looking for that darn Aquamarine… So I'd say it's probably easier if you have a family, friend or significant other helping you with this. My husband had a fun time helping me (see 2nd pic)! Does it work? As a born and bred San Franciscan, I can be pretty hippie/crunchy/granola with a healthy dose of skepticism. I'd say that incorporating crystals really can't hurt to bring positive vibes into your life… More importantly, the 10 minutes I spent with the crystals on my face was the first time in a LONG time where I did nothing but mask. Usually I'm multi-tasking like watching Instagram stories, working on mask reviews, even cleaning or cooking. So it was really nice to truly take some time for myself. Also, you don't have to use this with a sheet mask. You can apply the crystals on top of bare skin too. Price & where to buy: $24.99, available at @solarislabny Disclaimer: I received this product for free from @solarislabny. #rasianbeauty #sheetmask #sheetmaskselfie #maskaddict #mask #maskselfie #skincare #kbeauty #asianbeauty #koreanbeauty #koreanskincare #instabeauty #instaskincare #solarislab #solarislabny #crystals

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Who runs on martinis, oysters, and face masks? This guy — introducing Bart. He’s the master of perfecting that face mask selfie and dedicates an entire Instagram story highlight to beauty staple. While he doesn’t go too in-depth on his Instagram about each mask, he does on his site OMGBART. One of his favorite eye masks? Wander Beauty’s Baggage claim gold eye masks, which aids to recovering underage dark circles, puffiness, and dullness.


I’m not crying—you’re crying. Yes, a monthly subscription box *just* for sheet masks exists. That’s right, you can get an entire box of brand-new sheet masks without having to leave your apartment, every single month. PJs + face mask time = Netflix-binge marathons. Based in LA and Hawaii, this is a family-subscription box company that curates face masks from Korea for fresh faces in the United States. How does it work? For 10 dollars/month,  you can get three Korean sheet masks to address your skin-care needs, from re-hydration to ultra-moisturizing. You’re welcome.


Based in California, Joanne is a self-proclaimed skin-care fanatic and lover of all things K-beauty. At times, she adds her goofy sense of character and posts masked selfies while donning animal ear headbands — can’t beat that. Either way, she’ll give you an honest review of every mask she tries in addition to educating her followers on the one-oh-ones of skin-care.

Cosrx Low pH BHA Overnight Mask ? This new sleeping mask from Cosrx has a low pH, provides gentle exfoliation, helps smooth skin texture while maintaining moisture. ? Comes in a squeeze tube makes it more hygienic to use. Out of the tube, it has a fresh scent of centella asiatica. This herb is slowly becoming one of my favorite ingredients for its soothing and healing properties. The consistency feels like a medicated balm. It spreads and absorbs well into my skin. Balm does not leave a sticky residue. Make sure to apply a thin layer. Otherwise, the next morning, you will see some pilling. ? The balm absorbs quickly and leaves the skin with a matte finish. It does not leave the skin feeling moisturized. With that, I was skeptical of its moisture retention. Using my WAYSKIN device, the results were surprising. The morning after use, texture of skin feels smooth and the moisture level measure between mid 80s to low 90s. On nights when I did not apply the sleeping mask, moist reading is in the mid 60s. ? I rarely have white heads. But one night, I saw one on the right side of my nose. ? I use it as a good opportunity to test the performance of this balm. I massage the balm on the white head. After washing my face the next morning, I used a Q-tip and swipe the white-head. The white-head falls off smoothly! I’m impressed!! ? So far, I’m enjoying this overnight mask for its gentle exfoliation, soothing, texture improvement, and moisture retention properties. I did not notice any brightening but complexion looks calm and more even. ? This is available on Cupidrop's website at for $21. Enjoy 15% off using code: NICESKIN for purchase orders of $30 or more. Code is good until 04/30/2018 (not affiliated) • Disclaimer: I received this free courtesy of @cupidrop.official. Taking part as their 6th generation Beautiful Pioneer, I agreed to provide my honest review. All opinions are mine. Thank you Jenny for the selection and opportunity! ? #cupidrop #cosrx #beautifulpioneer #LowpHBHA #BHAovernightmask #jolepr #jolereviews #jolecosrx #abbeatthealgorithm

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@feedherface is hands down one of the best accounts for trying to find an effective face mask for a specific purpose. On her account, she lists when to use a mask, how she rates it, and a background history behind it. Which mask made it to the ultimate five star review? Dr. Brandt: Magnetight Age Defier, a face mask that may be on the costlier side but her pro tip: use only as needed, not more.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ AESTHETICS HYDRATION COSMETICS: hydra gold foil mask use for: hydration, aging skin foil masks are a really unique experience. they tend to be less form fitting because of the texture, which can make it difficult to stay in place or even have the holes line up right (me using every mask though tbh). this one is better than others because it comes in two pieces. while two piece masks usually recommend placing the bottom first, i actually would do the opposite here. it comes with so much moisture, i couldn’t keep the bottom in place while it was below. there was a ton of serum leftover on my face after removal, leaving the skin dewey and bouncy. you could honestly leave this mask on for an hour plus, so try it in the evening. thanks @themaskbar.bleecker for the recommendation! #feedherface #feedyourselfie

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Nataša Gavrić is a skin-care ‘grammer who lives in Stockholm and is the epitome of chill. Her pictures are stylized beautifully all while providing science-based information such as “the basics of SPF” and “dry vs dehydrated skin.” Her trick to beating the heat in a stuffy apartment? Sip some ice cube water in a fancy schmancy oversized wine glass, take a cool shower, and slather a fresh, minty Ole Henriksen “Cold Plunge Pore” mask all over your face. Why didn’t we think of that before?

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