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Products That Make Caring for Curly Hair a Breeze

by Alexis Gaskin

Curly hair is the best type of hair type out there. While I might be biased as a member of the curly haired community, the wavy, curly, and kinky hair look is where the party is. However, as many curly haired people can attest, maintaining the wild mane can be a bit brutal. Going through useless hair products, hairstyles that just don’t work, and the hundreds of broken hair ties that have gone to accessories heaven after one too many messy buns can get annoying. Changing that hair routine and the products you use can revamp those bad hair days and keep your curls looking glamorous and bouncy. Shop some of my favorite products for managing the mane below.

For all the curly haired people out there, DevaCurl has amazing products that many are familiar with and they even birthed the famous Deva cut, which revives hair, but at a high ticketed price. However, their DevaFuser and Anti-Frizz DevaTowel are neglected tools that should be taken advantage of. The DevaTowel helps with frizz and also doesn’t break hair off like regular towels and the DevaFuser allows you to blow dry your hair while maximizing curls and keeping them springy.

Basically the best and only brush that curly haired friends should be using. The original 7-row styling brush is perfect for detangling curly hair without breaking it or causing more damage. Other brushes just can’t compare, and if you’re a more of a brush than comb fan, the Denman is perfect.

If you don’t have at least one Kinky Curly brand styling product in your hair regimen, you’re truly missing out! The black-owned brand focuses on giving curly hairs as much volume and nutrients as possible. With ingredients like argan, coconut, and moroccan oil, there are styling products for all curl types. The best selling Knot Today detangler makes knots disappear and is magic in a bottle.

Another black-owned brand, Miss Jessie’s, focuses on all curl types but is a favorite among people with coily and kinky hair types. The brand features a wide arrange of products in the form of sprays, leave-in-conditioners, hair puddings (oh yeah, puddings!), and oils. A favorite among all hair types is the Miss Jessie’s Pillow Soft Curls. True to its name, you won’t have to worry about crunchy, textured hair.

I feel like every person with curly hair has tried Shea Moisture products at least once, and that’s for a reason! The cruelty-free and fair trade brand features products that many are familiar with, but the 100% pure hair oils cut out the unnecessary ingredients and give you the raw oil. The Pure Jamaican Black Castor Oil is a must-have for hair growth, especially for more kinky or damaged hair types.

Sometimes you’re going to want something pretty in your hair routine. Combs are a better alternative than most brushes for those curly locks and the Pearlescent Wave Comb is both practical and aesthetically pretty. The wide tooth comb is best used for curly hair when wet, but will make you feel like a regal princess as it glides through your hair.

Feature Image via Vanessa Granda

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