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Say Goodbye to Hat Hair with These 5 Tips

by Emily Rekstis

Winter hat season is here. As exciting as that is – getting to pull out favorite beanies or berets – it also means hat hair. For as cute as hats look, they can leave behind an awful mess. Sure, loose curls or undone waves look great underneath the cap, but once it comes off it can be pure mayhem. Think: static, flatness and all around chaos.

No more! To help tackle these unwanted issues, we spoke with a couple hairstylists to get the best tips and tricks to prevent and control hat hair. From styling techniques to product recommendations, see what simple solutions the experts had. Because you shouldn’t have to forgo this season’s best accessory to have good-looking locks. 

Use Extra Moisturizing Hair Products to Avoid Static

Static becomes such an issue in the winter thanks to the lack of moisture in the air. “If your hair is a bit dry itself, you can be sure static will hit,” explains, MariLynne Cosmillo, Director of Education for Cherry Blow Dry Bar’s. So once the temperatures start to dip, she recommends changing to a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. Try something like Verb Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner, $16 each. 

Salon SCK hairstylist, Devin Toth has this same recommendation. “The best approach to eliminating static hair in the winter is to use more generous amounts of your conditioning products, which will weigh down the static and keep it at bay,” he says. “So in the shower, go ahead and condition your hair, roots to ends, as opposed to just the ends.” You can also use a conditioning mask once a week, which will not only help seal in moisture to prevent static, but it will also boost your hair’s shine. Now, who wouldn’t want that?

If none of this seems to work, just keep some dryer sheets in your purse and use them to calm static when needed. “When static comes, just wipe your hair with it like you would with a towel,” says Cosmillo.

Massage Products into Strands to Add Lift

If a hat’s sitting on your head for long periods of time, it can easily flatten any lift of volume at the roots specifically. To gain this sort of style back, try massaging products like texture sprays. “Apply the texturizing product to your root area evenly and massage it in to get it to work,” says Cosmillo. Toth continues, “aggressively massage your scalp with your fingertips to work the product in. This technique will loosen up that stiff hat hair.” 

With that being said, steer clear from hair sprays or any other product with high alcohol counts. These will only dry out your hair and bring back the dry hair problem that is static. That’s why a texturizing spray like Herbivore Botanicals Sea Mist Texturizing Salt Spray is ideal, because it has hydrating ingredients like aloe and calming lavender to keep hair healthy and happy all winter long. 

Flip Your Hair to Liven it Up

If you’re like me and not really one to remember to pack the product in your purse, flipping your hair can also help bring a little volume back. Cosmillo recommends flipping your part for a “fast pick me up.” Toth recommends flipping your head completely forward and tousling the strands with your fingers or a brush, moving from the roots downward. “The bristles [or fingers] will simultaneously separate all hair strands from one another and remove excess oil (sebum) from your scalp,” he says.

While this works for straight hair, if it’s the style you don’t want to mess it up. So to add lift without harming any waves, Toth says, “just press the boar bristle brush to your scalp and rub it in a tiny circle at your roots instead of brushing it through. These tiny rotations will still separate strands of hair from one another and liven up the flat style.”

When You Put on Your Hat, Push it Up a Bit

The hat you wear and the way you put it on can have a major effect on how your hair looks once you take it off. First, Cosmillo recommends beanies that are lightweight, soft and loose so as not to press down hair at your crown or cause a crease below your ears. When putting this loose, soft beanie one, she also recommends pressing up the sides, just a bit. “This will push your hair up too,  helping to avoid your hair from laying flat underneath.”

Wear Your Hair In A Wavy Style Underneath

One of the main issues people deal with when they take a cap off is that crease that indents where the cap sat. The best and really only way to combat this is to wear a style that sort of compliments it. “I recommend wearing a style thats complimenting for a hat, like a relaxed wave look,” says Cosmillo. “It will appear more intentional to have a little crease in your style that flows with the others.” To mimic the indent, use a straightener to create the bends rather than a curling iron or wand.

Embrace the Hat Hair

If all else fails, just embrace the look for the season. “Personally, I don’t hate hat hair,” Toth says. “I think it can be very endearing, nonchalant and uncontrived and I love it when people just embrace the season with their hairstyle.” Just think, you’re far from the only one dealing with these problems. So just enjoy all the gorgeous style of hats and wearing them while you can. Happy hat season!

Feature image via Emma Craft

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