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How to Get Your Self-Care in Check When All the Planets Are in Retrograde—According to an Astrologer

by Susie Benitez

Just the mention of the word “retrograde” is enough to make us run for cover these days, especially when you remember that there have been six (yes, I really do mean six) happening this summer alone, all at the same time. Retrogrades basically translate to computers crashing, missed trains, dropped calls, miscommunication, and general panic… right? Well, not exactly. There’s way more to retrogrades than meets the eye.

Jeff Hinshaw, a professional astrologer and retreat leader at Maha Rose Healing Center, explained to us that the planets aren’t actually going backward. In fact, he says that “it simply implies that a planet appears to be moving backward from our vantage point on Earth. It is similar to riding a train next to another, and when the other train slows down, it appears to move backward.” But what about the impending doom of panic that happens? Well, to further calm our hearts and minds, Hinshaw continued to claim that “from an astrological standpoint, ‘retrograde’ denotes a time of reflection, slowing down, and re-evaluation. Right now, four planets are in ‘retrograde,’ a pretty rare occurrence, perfect for an autumn of self-care!” So the planets aren’t spinning out of control and into chaos? I’m already feeling way better about this whole retrograde thing.

However, if you’re still not 100 percent sold that this time of “reflection” might actually be good for you, Hinshaw provided more evidence as to how you should care for yourself during what can actually be a pretty great time to relax and restart your mind, body, and spirit, no matter what sign you are. (Heads up, though: if you’ve got Capricorn, Taurus, Aquarius, Scorpio, or Pisces in your chart then you’ll definitely want to read closely.)

Journaling/Planning for the Future

Saturn in Retrograde until September 6th

I refer to Saturn as the planet of  “spiritual adulting.” With Saturn Retrograde, it invites you to reflect/journal on this question, “What is my relationship to responsibility?” We each came to this planet with unique gifts to offer the world. Saturn asks of us to fully commit to the consistency of refining our craft.

With Saturn in the hardworking zodiac sign of Capricorn, this shifts the focus towards big picture planning. Carve out extra time over the coming week to re-evaluate your long-term commitments for the future, especially in regards to your public offerings. What career goals might you have for yourself? Spend time brainstorming and re-organizing your life to reflect these goals. This will lay a solid foundation and give you the confidence to step up to the plate of authority come September 6.

***Capricorn Sun, Moon, and Rising: Saturn is your ruling planet. This could indicate a potential promotion, raise, or recognition this week. Or on the other, it could be a completely new direction more in alignment with your true vocation. Extra reflection for Capricorns: “What gifts and talents am I sharing with the world? How do I plan to expand into this offerings?”

Awaken your Intuition by Nurturing your 5 Senses

Uranus is in Retrograde until January 6th

Uranus is the planet of innovation. I refer to Uranus as the ‘cosmic anarchist’ and is represented by ‘the Fool’ in the tarot. When there are major Uranus transits, they often indicate times of radical new insight. With Uranus in sensual Venus-ruled Taurus, this would inspire self-care through the 5 senses:

  1. Smell (Flower Essence)
  2. Sight (color therapy, art therapy, collaging)
  3. Sound (Calming music; or if you’re really wanting to explore astrology, listen to music by those who are Taurus: Adele, Sam Smith, Cher, Janet Jackson, Ella Fitzgerald)
  4. Touch (self-massage, yoga)
  5. Taste (healthy, grounding foods you love)

When we slow down and feel into these Taurean qualities, we are gifted with the qualities of Uranus, flashes of sudden insight into the future. By tuning into the five senses, you awaken the 6th sense of intuition.

***Aquarius Sun, Moon, and Rising: Take a deep breath. With Uranus, your ruling planet, in retrograde, now is a time for enjoying life and relaxing, but be mindful not to overspend. Uranus in Taurus could indicate a time of overindulging.

***Taurus Sun, Moon, and Rising: transiting Uranus in retrograde is conjunct your natal placement. This indicates a time of completely reinventing yourself. Whether that be external or internal, now is a time to reimagine how you look and feel.

Revisiting Fantasy Novels and Movie Classics Can Be Self-Care, Too

Neptune in Retrograde until November 24th

Neptune is the planet of spirituality and dreams. With Neptune in retrograde in the sign of emotional Pisces, it indicates that [you] may be longing for fantasy. Be very mindful of alcohol or drug intake, as well as escapist like tendencies at this time. For self-care, this is the perfect time for daydreaming. Fill your cup with art and poetry. Re-explore old movies and novels that once brought you joy. It’s important to give yourself permission to lean into the make-believe. This reinstills a sense of belonging, creativity, and empathy. You can feel into the Neptune/Pisces vibes by watching the documentary about Mr. Rogers life, Won’t You Be My Neighbor?. Mr. Rogers was a Pisces with a message of universal compassion.

***Pisces Sun, Moon, and Rising: this is huge for you! Neptune is your ruling planet. If you’re feeling lost or out-to-sea, know you aren’t alone. Reach out to family or friends. You can be surrounded by love in an instance. Surrender to whatever emotions are arising for you at this time.

Community Building and Group Classes

Pluto in Retrograde until September 30th

Pluto is the slowest moving planet in our solar system. It stays in a zodiac sign anywhere from 15-30 years, making it a generational planet. Pluto indicates transformation and is here to upgrade our current cultural systems. With Pluto in Capricorn, this indicates a transformation in all things Capricorn: government, patriarchy, and business. Pluto entered Capricorn when Barack Obama was elected (2008) and will stay in Capricorn until the end of our next president’s term (2024).

With Pluto in Retrograde, it is asking of us to reconsider long-held traditions and rules of society. Remember retrogrades mark reflection, so this doesn’t indicate a time to necessarily speak out or act, but rather to observe. Pluto transits indicate shifts we are all feeling on a collective scale. So when life feels overwhelming or out-of-control, take deep nourishing inhales, and remind yourself that we are all in this together. Community building and group workshops are really helpful for this transit. 

***Scorpio Sun, Moon, and Rising: Pluto is your ruling planet. Now is a time to ask yourself how might you better contribute your leadership skills in relationship to shifts we might be feeling in our government and business structures?

If you’re interested in learning more about astrology, tune into Jeff’s weekly astrology podcast on iTunes, Cosmic Cousins: Soul-Centered Astrology, where he offers guided meditations, transit updates, and interview artists, musicians, healers, and other astrologers. Or, attend one of his workshops at Maha Rose Healing Center in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Maha Rose is New York’s center for healing, inspiration, creativity, and transformation. They offer holistic healing sessions, workshops, and trainings to nourish the body, mind, and spirit.

Feature image via Vanessa Granda 

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